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ONE LETTER OFF MOVIES is a Season 2017 video released May 26, 2017.


Die Hard/Dip Hard

McClane dips his chips into guacamole and causes an explosion.

Three friends are ready for Sports night, but John McClane dipped a chip into guacamole really hard, it caused a building explosion.


Allen bursts out.

Two scientist wonder where their friend Allen is, but Allen bursts out of the first scientist's chest and asks, "Anyone got cocaine?"

Batman v Superman/Batman & Superman

Batman and Superman happily skipping down the road.

Batman and Superman are happily skipping as they say, "Our mommies have the same first name!" and then laugh.

The Jungle Book/The Jungle Boop

Mowgli gets booped.

Mowgli thinks the snake (presumably Kaa) will eat him, but a man boops Mowgli on the nose. Mowgli asks what just happened.


Another Allen bursts out.

Allen apologizes about using meth, but another Allen bursts out. Both Allens ask, "Anyone got cocaine?"

Terminator 2: Judgement Day/Terminator 2: Judgement Dad

Terminator insulting his daughter.

Terminator tells his daughter she's fat, and voiceover says, "Judgement Dad's a dick!"

E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial/Eat The Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. getting eaten.

Elliot and a girl are shown eating an E.T.'s organs, while E.T. says, "Why, Elliot? Why?"


The girl gets pranked.

A girl is seen showering, but her friend comes in with a knife, scaring the girl as he yells, "Psyche!" He then reminds her to lock the door next time she showers, and she invites him in.