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OISHI WILL KICK YOUR ASS! is a Smosh trailer video for three Shut Up! Cartoons series. It's also the first appearance of Oishi Kawaii in a Smosh video.


Anthony and Ian tell the audience that they are very excited for the new Shut Up! Cartoons series, Nature Break, Weasel Town and Oishi High School Battle. They say that the one they are most excited about is Oishi High School Battle and later show the trailer of it. Later, they call the series "freakin awesome" and said that they will have more cartoons coming soon. Ian then says that the only thing he doesn't like about Oishi is her outfit due to it being made out of a heart. After Ian tells Anthony that it was stupid, Oishi comes up angrily and screams starting a battle called '"Smosh Vs. Oishi".

She later kills Ian and nearly kills Anthony until he says that he is sorry and likes the outfit making Oishi laugh and kisses Anthony. Later after Oishi leaves, Noodles appears and, despite Anthony saying he is cute, Noodles eats Anthony. Anthony is later pooped back out in the shape of a cube, saying "Oh sh*t! Literally."


  • This is the first Smosh video to have a Shut Up! Cartoons character appear besides Teleporting Fat Guy.