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Noodles is Oishi Kawaii's blue puppy that is almost always by her side. It is so adorable that everyone wants to pet it. Most of the times, that person gets killed. It always speaks in Japanese despite understanding English. It is also a boy because in the new episode he says he wants to see what fatherhood is like and the girl gives birth to his offspring.


Oishi Kawaii - Noodles' Owner. Before Noodles came, Oishi was worried that Ryuzu's reputation would cause her to get an ugly spirit animal. During the ceremony where the students receive their spirit animals, Ryuzu accidentally damages the portal that gives the students their spirit animals, resulting in the three popular kids getting ugly spirit animals. Noodles was the next to come out of the portal and chose Oishi to be his owner.


  • Noodles looks more like a cat-Pikachu hybrid than a dog.
  • Noodles seems to be a parody of Pikachu from Pokemon, and he also only speaks gibberish Japanese with Engilsh subtitles similar to Ling Ling from Drawn Together.
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