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Noah Andrew Grossman (born February 14, 1997) is an American actor, comedian, host, writer, and director. He is most known for his work on Smosh. Noah was officially added to Smosh's recurring cast on March 13, 2015, along with Keith Leak Jr. and Olivia Sui. His first Smosh appearance was in The Internet in Real Life, and his second appearance was in Apple Watch Sucks.

Outside of Smosh, Noah has appeared in the television series "Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Mean", He has also had appearances in different shows and also played Pete in Part Timers. Most recently he made a cameo on A Little Late with Lilli Singh as a flustered intern, by the name of Earn.

Noah was the host of the popular Smosh 2nd Channel bi-weekly series Put it in My Mouth until its cancellation on April 22, 2017.

Following the shutdown of Defy Media, and Smosh's acquisition by Mythical Entertainment, Noah has stepped away from working with Smosh full-time. He still maintains a freelance postition, making semi-regular appearances in videos for the main Smosh channel, along with appearances on Smosh Pit or SmoshCast, but is otherwise focusing on both his independent acting career and his personal brand, Sixth Digit. Recently, he came out with a gameplay focused app, called IntrovertsandExtroverts.

Smosh Credits


Video Released
Chips Ghost June 10, 2016
EVERY PUBERTY EVER January 8, 2018
EVERY 7-ELEVEN EVER September 10, 2018
Kanye Runs For President, Cancel Party of the Week & Wear a Damn Mask - GDFN July 8, 2020
Smosh Hosts The News: TikTok Gets Banned?! August 5, 2020
We Make a Chuck E Cheese Training Video Funny August 19, 2020
The Worst Speed Dating Show (Smosh of Love) August 24, 2020
Every Dating Show Ever (Smosh of Love) August 26, 2020
POV: You've entered a GameStop November 10, 2021
These DMs Went Too Far February 7, 2022
These DMs Are Too Horny March 7, 2022
I Caught Him Cheating On Me March 23, 2022
Olivia Sui Is Dead May 9, 2022


Video Released
Every Online Class Ever April 20, 2020


Video Released
Weird Craigslist Finds (What're Those?!) September 10, 2021

Outside of Smosh

  • Nick Studio 10 - himself
  • Disney Game On - himself
  • Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Mean - Jack
  • Olive and Mocha: Fast Times at Sugar High - Uncredited
  • The Price is Right - himself (Contestant on November 18, 2021 show)
  • Even The Odds - himself (Creator and Host)[1]


  • Noah is the youngest member of the Smosh Family. Courtney, the second youngest member, is two years older.
  • His middle name is Andrew, the same as Ian's.[2]
  • Noah was born and raised in San Fernando Valley, California.
  • Noah's mother's name is Denise, referenced in the Show With No Name episode 'titled' Mrs. Denise.
  • Noah stated in a Smosh 2nd Channel video that his favorite movie is (or was) Birdman.
  • Noah was officially a high school graduate as of June, 2015, as seen in Ian's Snapchat story.
  • He has made a few statements about having an ex-girlfriend, and while it's uncertain who she is, it's assumed to be the girl that accompanied him to senior prom, as he met his current girlfriend after high school.
  • Prior to joining the Smosh cast, Noah was a cast member on the short-lived Nickelodeon block Nick Studio 10. A clip from the aforementioned show was seen in Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover, Never Have I Ever.
  • Noah and PinkieRuth, an active Smosh fan, share a mutual friend named Nathan who may or may not exist.
  • Noah voiced Ginger during the Food Battle X voting video.
  • As mentioned in some BTS videos, Noah describes himself as 'half Jewish'. It is uncertain why he describes himself as only half Jewish since Judaism is passed from the maternal line, which however makes it likely that his father is Jewish. His maternal grandfather is from Hungary, and his maternal grandmother, featured in Mother's Day w/ Noah's Grandma, is from the now-defunct nation of Yugoslavia.
  • Noah loves cows, as he has stated on Twitter and in Smosh videos.
  • Though they were all born in separate years, Noah and his brothers all share the same birthday, February 14.[3] His oldest brother is named Matthew, and his other brother is named Justin.
    • Noah once noted on Put it in My Mouth that he was five minutes away from being born on February 15 instead. He joked that if he had been born on the 15th, his parent's would have "put him up for adoption".
  • Noah first met fellow Smosh Squad member Shayne Topp at Ellen Marano's (Laura Marano's mother's) acting class. It was through this meeting that he would befriend Shayne, and later convince him to audition for Smosh.
    • Noah was in Laura Marano's music video for "Boombox". He is in the right top hand corner of the screen at 4:29.
    • In "OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EACH OTHER," Shayne recounted how Noah encouraged him to audition for Smosh and how he in turn eventually got Damien to join Smosh Games. As a result, the video ended with Noah taking credit for Olivia's relationship with actor Sam Lerner, as Shayne introduced them to each other through his work on The Goldbergs, and would not have met Olivia if Noah had not advised him to join Smosh.
  • Noah is known for his pickiness when it comes to food, something referenced namely his show Put it in My Mouth, along with at various points in other Smosh videos. He has been described as having the "palette of a seven year old."
    • He likes eating cheese pizzas and plain hamburgers. He also enjoys buttered noodles, claiming that butter is the only sauce noodles need.
    • Along with many other types of food, Noah particularly hates Indian cuisine and seafood.
    • While he says he likely has a high calorie intake from junk food, he also says none of it is nutritious and as a result he drinks Ensure nutrition shakes.
      • The original premise of Put it in My Mouth was to expand his palette; owing to the generally disgusting items on that show, it's unclear if this worked.
  • Noah has kissed all past and present members of the Smosh Squad (including Shayne, Courtney, Olivia, Keith, Ian, and Anthony). There have also been a few kisses given to the random guests of Put it in My Mouth. Noah mentioned in the behind the scenes of Kiss Currency, that he never kissed a guy before. Anthony was the first guy that Noah had ever kissed.
  • Noah has stated in the Put it in My Mouth episode Crazy Smores w/ Ian that he may only be mean to Courtney in her role as Food Girl because of having a crush on her. This was highly suggested to be a joke, or possibly some sort of ploy to convince people to ship the two, though it never seemed to pay off.
    • He admitted in the same video that he only weighed 119 pounds, which Courtney was surprised by as at that time she weighed the same amount.
  • "Koah" is the ship name for Noah and fellow castmate Keith Leak Jr. Anthony and Ian created the name during a behind the scenes video.
    • There have been two instances of the song 'Ebony and Ivory' being jokingly used to refer to the two.
  • He makes a cameo in Smosh Babies, and a baby resembling him is seen frequently in Smosh Babies Season 4.
  • He and his friends created a video on his YouTube channel titled Virtual Date With Noah Grossman.
    • He also was interviewed for a friend's podcast titled, On My Couch.
  • Noah confirmed that he had a girlfriend, Tiffany, in the video HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND (The Show w/ No Name). She has been shown on his Snapchat and Instagram on multiple occasions. Noah explained that a week before they started dating, she taught him the best way to test if a friend is romantically interested - hold their hand casually and see if they move it away - which he later used on her.
    • In "WE PLAY WOULD YOU RATHER?" Noah talked about how he once randomly felt the urge to fight Tiffany's ex-boyfriend, despite never knowing him and Tiffany claiming that he was a really nice guy.
  • Noah stated in 2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE - WATER CHALLENGE that his great-grandfather was one of the founders of Israel, although it might not actually be recognized in the country because of his death during the war. He is also the only soldier with two monuments in Israel.
  • In late June 2018, Noah became a legal pastor, as confirmed in NOAH SOAKS COURTNEY | 2 TRUTHS 1 LIE WATER CHALLENGE.
  • On November 18, 2021, Noah appeared as a contestant on the game show The Price is Right.[4] He is the second Smosh member to appear on the show after Sarah Whittle.