Newgrounds is a website created by Tom Fulp on July 6, 1995. The website is primarily uploads and submissions of flash animations and flash games, but Newgrounds also includes audio and art submissions as well.

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Smosh offically joined Newgrounds May 4, 2003. Smosh first started submitting flash animations (that were created Anthony Padilla himself) in 2003-2004 before they created and submitted their live videos. In 2005-2006, Smosh then started to submit their Music Videos, such as the Mortal Kombat Theme Song. Their Pokemon Theme Music Video, is still viewable on Newgrounds.


Smosh had uploaded four different audio tracks that have since been removed from the site for unknown reasons. In 2004, Anthony uploaded the techno songs Mary, Frozen Energy, and Strobe 2, and in 2005, he uploaded the audio loop STFU. The songs are considered lost, while STFU is still partially available, as it can be heard in an adult-rated flash animation called Piss on Foamy Collab.


Daily Second - Day of Revenge

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Daily Feature - Die Smoshing Ep.1

Underdog of the Week - Pokemon Theme Music Video

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