Ian: Damn you girls are fine. Can I get your MySpaces? Fine. 

Guy: oh, are you avalible this thursday? People are having a babie showers. 

Ian: Speaking of babies, I got this great joke. Ok, So this girl is standing between a pile of dead babies, and corpet. Ok, so I don't really know, but it's a pile of dead babies, and that's pricken hilariuos.

Guy: That guys a f---.

Guy: Come on, gotta get my night owl. 

Ian: Oh my god, you guys would both lose. I would tottaly own you guys with my paledint. He's level 69. 

Guy: Yeah, that guy's a f--- s--- d--- s----. And a liar. 

Anthony: Dude, last night I was going to-

Ian: My moms house. 

Anthony: The beach. And then, This guy--

Ian: Got naked. 

Anthony: Dude why are you being s-

Ian: O awsome. 

Anthony: Annoying. 

Ian: Yopur just mad cause you saw some guy naked. 

Anthony: your being a d---. 

Ian: Hey everybody I'm goin' fishin'! Anyone want a Salmon, cause there's a big one in here!

transmission: There's always one A-hole at a New Year's Eve party. 

Ian: Oops. I peed all over my hand. 

Treansmission: Don't let it be you. Please drink responsibly. 

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