"Aw! Give me a hug! This is gonna be an amazing thumbnail!"
—Nana Mongeau to her grandsons[src]

Nana Mongeau is a character introduced in 2019. She is played by Courtney Miller.


Nana Mongeau is an older version of the Internet personality Tana Mongeau. At old age, she is depicted as still being an attention-hungry Internet personality, except she is willing to go to further, more inappropriate lengths to maintain attention and relevance.


Nana Mongeau has invited her grandsons to her house while she is shooting a video. When they walk in the door, she stands up and removes her towel, flashing them. Her grandsons recoil and look away in disgust; one of them scolds her for being naked "again". Nana invites them to give her a hug. She looks back at the camera with an eager face, commenting on how this will make an "amazing" thumbnail.


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