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NEW SMOSH GAMES VS OLD SMOSH GAMES is the 258th episode of the Smosh Games series Game Bang. It was released on September 1, 2017.


This week on Game Bang, it's Old vs New! We reunite the crew to battle it out head-to-head in ARMS, on the Nintendo Switch!



Round One

  • Flitz Vs Mari

Round Two

  • Wes Vs Sohinki

Round Three

  • Damien Vs Jovenshire

Round Four

  • Boze Vs Lasercorn


  • 1st - Old Smosh Games (3 Wins)
  • 2nd - New Smosh Games (1 Win)


  • Boze: Acoustic guitar performance about Smosh Games
  • Flitz: Mime a past Game Bang punishment in whiteface
  • Wes: Read an s-less transcript of "the Wes rap" from Smosh Summer Games - Wild West!.
  • Damien: Raspberry Tum-dae from Jovenshire.