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Netflix Rap


December 4, 2015
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Netflix Conscience, Rudy, Eddie, Robin, Bertha, Black annoucer
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NETFLIX RAP (originally Netflix Conscience) is a Smosh music video released on the main channel.


When you have a million things to do but there is always something on Netflix. Be productive, or binge watch that new show?


An announcer (Keith Leak II) says Eddie (Noah Grossman) is eighteen and has two hours till he has to go to bed because has school in the morning. As he is trying to choose something to watch on Netflix and goes to choose Sharknado, his Netflix conscience kicks in with the Good Side (Anthony Padilla) and the Bad Side (Ian Hecox), each trying to convince him to either go to bed or stay up and watch Netflix all night. They keep Eddie up all night and he gets no sleep or watches anything on Netflix. Robin (Courtney Miller) is recently single and about to enjoy a night alone watching Netflix. When she logs into her ex-boyfriend's account and there's too many people on the account her Netflix conscience comes to play. The Good Side says the word toboggan to try to rhyme with "loggin" which the Bad Side makes fun of him and he walks off mad, the Bad Side apologizes to Robin then drinks some of Robin's soup. Rudy (Shayne Topp) invites Bertha (Olivia Sui) over for "Netflix and chill" and is looking for the perfect movie to try to make out with her on Nextflix when his Netflix conscience kicks in. After the Good Side says toboggan again he and the Bad Side argue about it and both walk off. Rudy decides to not watch anything and shuts his laptop, ending the video.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman

Courtney Miller

Olivia Sui


  • The song and video is a parody of Eminem's song Guilty Conscience featuring Dr. Dre with Anthony playing Dr. Dre's part and Ian playing Eminem's. That said, this is Smosh's first parody of a song since Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE.
  • At 3:22, Ian promotes Smosh: The Movie.
  • Even though the whole song is a parody of Guilty Conscience the first verse and music video of it is almost a completely copy of Guilty Conscience, with a lot of the same words used, with "motherfucking conscience" changed to "Netflix conscience".