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NETFLIX AND KILL (Smosh Summer Games) is the fifth event of Smosh Summer Games - Camp released July 15, 2016.

Video Description

The teams go head to head in a brutal game of Netflix and Kill - with bloody consequences!

Smosh Summer Games is BACK! This time, we're headed to Camp. Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Smosh Games and Smosh 2nd for the month of July!


  • Anthony, Wes, Jovenshire and Courtney (Team Kumbayaas)
  • Ian, Lasercorn, Shayne and Mari (Team Harshmallows)


Answers Given

  • Ian
    • Answer Given: Human Centipede
    • Correct Answer: Human Centipede
  • Anthony
    • Answer Given: The Ring
    • Correct Answer: Poltergeist
  • Mari
    • Answer Given: Scooby Doo
    • Correct Answer: Monster Squad
  • Jovenshire
    • Answer Given: Army of Darkness
    • Correct Answer: Army of Darkness
  • Lasercorn
    • Answer Given: The Babadook
    • Correct Answer: The Babadook
  • Courtney
    • Answer Given: Gremlins
    • Correct Answer: Gremlins
  • Shayne
    • Answer Given: The Evil Dead
    • Correct Answer: Cabin Fever
  • Wes
    • Answer Given: Friday the 13th
    • Correct Answer: Friday the 13th

Overall Results

Harshmallows (2) V Kumbayaas (3)

Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'what the hell is "monster squad?"' It received over 1.6K likes.