NAUGHTY CABIN CODENAMES is the eighteenth episode of Board AF and the seventh special of Smosh Winter Games - Again! released February 12, 2017. they play Codenames Deep Undercover in the video.

Video Description

Welcome to a Smosh Winter Games-Themed Board AF! We're playing some Naughty Cabin Code Names!

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Smosh Winter Games...AGAIN! Taking over Smosh Games and Smosh 2nd all through February!


Blue Team: Lasercorn, Courtney, Sohinki and Noah Red team: Jovenshire, Keith, Shayne and Mari


Round One

  • Blue Team (8) Vs Red Team (4)

Round Two

  • Blue Team (6) Vs Red Team (9)

Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'Where is the pine cone when you need him?' It received over 1.1K likes.
  • Courtney commented saying: 'I fricken loved this game' It received over 1K likes
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