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Naked and Afraid


December 18, 2015
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Anthony, Keith, Cathy, Noah
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NAKED AND AFRAID is a Smosh main channel video.


When one man gets picked to be on the reality show Naked & Afraid, he meets his partner on the show and things go crazy.



Keith walks in and thanks Anthony for letting him stay at his place. Anthony returns the sentiment and then removes his shirt, leading Keith to believe Anthony interpreted the compliment as a desire to have sex. Anthony tells him to relax and removed the rest of his clothing, and clues in Keith: He is going to be on the show "Naked and Afraid". Keith says he does not want to stay unless there will be a naked girl for him as well, but Anthony says he would feel bad letting him leave, considering his house burned down in a supposed "vaping accident". Anthony offers him the three hundred dollars he will get from doing the show if Keith will stay and Keith agrees, admitting he can use the money for the new iPhone 6S with the Live Photo feature.

Later, a woman (Courtney Miller) arrives at the door and Anthony believes she is his naked partner for the show, until she asks him to sign some release forms. The narrator then explains that Anthony was "a bit in over his head" upon meeting his companion. Just then, Anthony's naked partner (an unbelievably ugly woman) appears and introduces herself as Cathy (Ian). Anthony barfs and claims he did it because he was sickened by her "beauty", which she supposedly gets a lot. Keith then arrives with his eyes covered and inquires to Anthony how long this must go on. Upon discovering Keith shielding his vision and him claiming this situation to be weird, Anthony and Cathy are outraged by his comments and refer to him as a "nudist" (akin to a racist) and ostracize him. Keith is speechless. The show's title card appears.

A narrator (Shayne Topp) reveals that food is scarce and Anthony and Cathy will have to resort to hunting and gathering. The two begin desperately foraging in the fridge.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Keith Leak II

Courtney Miller

Noah Grossman


  • This uses the blurred effect, like a documentary show, and NAKED CONFESSIONS (BTS) utilizes the same effect, too.
  • This is the third flagged video, including How To Hide A B0ner In Public and The Twilight Deleted Scenes 3.
  • This video is one of their most critically panned of 2015.