"I missed the push and then I put my foot in guacamole!"
—Sam after losing a duel during Round 5[src]

Mystery Glove Challenge w/ Critical Role is the 28th episode of the Smosh Games series Gaming With A Twist, featuring special guests Matthew Mercer and Sam Riegel of the web series Critical Role. It was released on November 29, 2019.


Our friends Matthew Mercer and Sam Riegel from Critical Role stopped by for a disgustingly great Mystery Glove Challenge! Things are gonna get messy...



The loser of each round must put on a polyvinyl glove with an unknown edible substance inside, similar to the "Mystery Crocs" challenge. Matt Raub has even cut small holes in the glove, so other players and viewers can see what is inside.


Round Player 1 vs. Player 2 Score Loser Glove
Round 1 Matt
(Suspicious Suzy)
vs. Mari
(Scared Scarlet)
3-1 Mari Green (Ketchup)
Round 2 Sam
(Terrified Terry)
vs. Courtney
(Happy Harry)
3-2 Courtney Red (Guacamole)
Round 3 Shayne
(Blissful Bob)
vs. Damien
(Scared Scarlet)
5-2 Damien Pink (Shaving Cream)
Round 4 Shayne
(Shocked Sheldon)
vs. Matt
(Wary William)
2-3 Shayne Orange (Peanut Butter)
Round 5 Matt
(Conniving Cindy)
vs. Sam
(Terrified Terry)
3-1 Sam Purple (Cheez Whiz)




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