My Favorite Coffee merchandise, as seen in Every Coffee Shop Ever. From left to right: The Brave Blend, My Favorite Coffee Mug, Cold Brew - 6 Pack, and The Fave Blend.

"We promise it's not trash."

My Favorite Coffee is a line of coffee beans and related merchandise produced by Smosh. It has its own website,


"I've been a lover/snob of coffee for a long time, and one of my favorite things to do is share my love of high quality coffee with my friends and family and getting them excited about it too. Now I get the chance to share that experience with you! I hope you enjoy My Favorite Coffee."
—Ian's memoir on

Plans for the coffee seem to go back to at least early summer 2019, as the line's Twitter account was created on July 8.

My Favorite Coffee was officially introduced to Smosh fans on October 14, 2019 in the video Every Coffee Shop Ever, the final scene of which served as somewhat of an advertisement for the coffee. According to Ian, the coffee is ethically sourced, specialty grade, and is available in two blends and a cold brew. Fans could order the coffee off the website with a link in the description. Later that month, My Favorite Coffee was added to the Smosh Store and an official YouTube channel was launched.



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