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Mr. Mime is the protagonist of MIME FAIL!

Video Summary

Mr. Mime only appears in the video MIME FAIL!. For centuries, mimes have been a nuisance to mankind. This year a law finally passed which has banned mimes performing in public and violators will be jailed and killed. So, Mr. Mime had to do other normal things and failed miserably.

Examples of Mr. Mime's Failures:

Serial Killer, where Mr. Mime pulled out a knife and threatened Adrian Hecox-Hendrix, and he said "Oh God, don't stab me bro!" and Mr. Mime stabbed him repeatedly but unfortunately he was just pretending to have a knife so Adrian replied "What The F*ck?". *  "MIME FAIL!" 

Escaping a Building Fire, where the fireman (Ian Hecox) walked in and saw Mr. Mime miming of him stuck inside a box, the fireman said "Bullsh*t! Get the f*ck out of here, what are you doing get the f*ck out you stupid idiot, Oh f*ck we're all dead". *  "MIME FAIL!" 

Bungee Jumping, where Mr. Mime was tying himself with a rope, again miming, and jumped down confidently and exploded.*  "MIME FAIL!" 

Talking on the Phone, where Mr. Mime was on the phone with a random guy saying absolutely nothing, the guy replied "Hello?". *  "MIME FAIL!" 

President of the United States, where Mr. Mime was the president and finding a location to drop the bombs and as he is making up signs Sgt. Anous said "i think he's saying to bomb Paris" Mr. Mime nodded no and the General said "no, i think he's saying to bomb the White House" and Mr. Mime kept nodding no but Sgt. Anous said "brilliant plan sir! the enemy will never expect us to bomb there" as Mr. Mime kept nodding no and making up signs Sgt. Anous said "Yeah, I'm going as fast as i can!" and he pressed the red button and the White house exploded.*  "MIME FAIL!" 

Dating, where Mr. Mime and the girl he is dating looking at the pregnancy test which was positive and said "What the hell do you mean mime condom!?" He simply smiles apologetically. *  "MIME FAIL!" 

Parenting, where Mr. Mime's son Billy asked about the birds and the bees and he showed him inserting his finger in a hole, Billy was confused so Mr. Mime stood up and humped the air and Billy said "Cool!" and Sgt. Anous came in and said "Stop Right There Pervert!". *  "MIME FAIL!" 

Taxi Driver, where Ian called for a taxi and saw Mr. Mime pretend driving a taxi, Ian replied "I'm not getting in your imaginary car" as Mr. Mime got angry he tried to hit Ian with the imaginary car and magically he did and gave Ian the middle finger.*  "MIME WIN?" 

Skydiving, as Mr. Mime was falling he tried to pull the release for an imaginary parachute. He struggled to find it and finally exclaimed, "F*ck". As he was being buried, his grieving girlfriend was infatuated with the gravedigger, who she later married. *  "MIME FAIL!" 

(Deleted Scene) Kidnapper, where he kidnapped Ian with a mime blindfold and mime rope. Since the mime stuff was ineffective and Ian saw where Mr. Mime took him, Ian lets him know this and goes home. Mr. Mime then becomes sad. *  "MIME FAIL!" 


  • Mr. Mime is actually the name of a Psychic/Fairy type Pokémon, so his name might be a reference to it.
  • In the skydiving segment, Mr. Mime breaks the vow of silence before he dies.
  • Mr. Mime also being a Pokémon may be a reference to Smosh's very first video, Pokemon Theme Music Video.
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