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Mr. Frizzle's Girlfriend is a one-appearance character featured in the video Adult Magic School Bus. The character is portrayed by Courtney Miller.

Character biography

Mr. Frizzle began dating her after he divorced his wife, Ms. Frizzle. Ms. Frizzle was jealous of her husband dating another woman. When she and Mr. Frizzle returned home one day, they found out that Ms. Frizzle is getting all her 'stuffs' out of the house. Mr. Frizzle threatens to call law enforcement and Ms. Frizzle and the children escape in the Magic Hyundai. Mr. Frizzle says it was neither his nor Ms. Frizzle's fault, because he does not love Ms. Frizzle because she is mentally ill. She proceeds to join him, when Ms. Frizzle converts her Magic Hyundai into a smaller vehicle and drives inside Mr. Frizzle's ear to show his heart. When Mr. Frizzle says he feels weird, Ms. Frizzle turns the Magic Hyundai big, blowing Mr. Frizzle up, causing Mr. Frizzle's girlfriend and the whole living room to be covered in blood, as she screams "OH MY GOD!" While Ms. Frizzle's girlfriend was in her shocked state, Ms. Frizzle and the children escape in the Magic Hyundai.