Monica Vasandani is a writer for Smosh, and has been for nearly three years. She has written many of Smosh's most popular sketches, including Pokemon Go Fight Caught on Camera! and HOW TO NOT PISS OFF ASIAN PEOPLE.


Monica was raised in California and is close to both her parents and her older brother. She always wanted to be some sort of comedian, and used to record herself on her brother's Talkboy, and make her family listen to it. According to her, they did not find the experience enjoyable, but it fueled her love of writing and comedy.

In high school, Monica was a wrestler, and there is rumored to be a funny picture of her in her wrestling uniform that floats around the office every so often. It was apparently an awkward time, as it was hard for Monica to find people to wrestle, as many guys considered wrestling her to be a lose-lose situation. Either they lost to a girl, or they beat one up. Despite her small form, she can apparently pack quite the punch, being able to take down both Kurt Maloney and Ian. Monica has also apparently kept this fit lifestyle, as she has talked about enjoying both rock climbing and bouldering, and has been described as both Ian and Shayne as being "swole".

Monica first started working at Smosh around the same the time Ian and Anthony were shooting Ghostmates. She has stated that it took her a while to warm up to the duo due to their constant absences, leading her to believe that they were not often present in the office in the first place.

Monica identifies as a lesbian and married her wife Albertine in July 2017. The two have a son, Arlo, born in October 2018.[2]



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