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"I'm gonna molest you!"
—Molester Moon[src]

Molester Moon is the antagonist in the 2014 Smosh video MOLESTER MOON. He was portrayed by Lee Eisenhower.

Character history

According to legend, if someone sends another person the Molester Moon emoji three times, the recipient would receive a text from Molester Moon himself, describing in nothing but emojis how he will molest and kill them. Ian Hecox had heard of the legend of the Molester Moon, and warned his friends, Anthony Padilla and their minority friend, against using it. However, despite Ian's warnings, Anthony sent their friend the emoji. When Ian asks why, Anthony states that it was because their friend was a "minority character" and was therefore expendable.

That night, as the three were having a sleepover, Ian and Anthony get up to use the bathroom, leaving their friend by himself. Not long after they left, Molester Moon sneaks in and kills him. Ian and Anthony later deduce that their friend was killed when Molester Moon "[fried his] ass and [sliced up his] cock". Later that night, Anthony sent the emoji to a girl that was over, who was killed after she accidentally dropped her phone in the bathtub while screaming at Molester Moon's sudden appearance, electrocuting her.

While arguing over what to do when they saw the woman's limp body, Ian and Anthony each send each other the emoji. That night, Ian and Anthony receive emoji texts from Molester Moon. While they are debating what Anthony's text means, he receives another one, stating that Molester Moon will arrive soon. Soon after, Molester Moon barges in threw their garage door, shouting in a taunting way that he will molest them. He promptly chases Anthony and Ian through their house. When they reached the backyard, the two were constantly tripping over objects, while Molester Moon stood by, prancing around and taunting them.

After some time tripping over various things in their backyard, Ian and Anthony were finally able to escape back into their house, with Molester Moon hot on their tail. When they were finally trapped in a bedroom with no escape, Molester Moon pranced towards them, but was unable to fit through the doorframe, due to his large, round body. After a few, albeit unsuccessful, more tries, he finally gave up and left Anthony and Ian to "go molest someone else".


Molester Moon was portrayed by Lee Eisenhower. The costume was a faded grape-colored skin-tight suit, covered from the midsection-up with a large cardboard circle with a hole cut out for his face. Eisenhower held the cardboard "mask", which was painted faded bluish-purple, up with his hands or wrists. He stuck his face through the face hole in the cardboard, and his face was face-painted completely purple to match the color of his costume.


Season 2014

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