Miscellaneous Characters are people or personified objects who do not appear in many videos. Some miscellaneous characters only appeared once.



Cindy appears in the "Men Have Boobs" segment in REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!. In that video, Anthony catches Cindy staring at Anthony's breasts and gets mad about it.

Charlie's Dad

Charlie's dad appears in an episode of askcharlie. Charlie's dad is single, and is just like Charlie.

Corn Dog

A corn dog is a hot dog wrapped in corn bread and is on a stick. A corn dog discussed Anthony about the buritto being the next food in Food Battle 2009 in "The Corndog Conspiracy". He was about to commit suicide, but he did not and hence was in the burrito in Food Battle 2009.

Daren Aldoho

Daren Aldoho is a wizard with drinking problems who appeared in Going to the Mountains. He sold Ian the Magic Easy Button.


Elves wear green and red shirts and a green and red jester hat. Ian wore the same outfit in "A Merry Gangsta Christmas". Anthony also had to wear them in "The Ultimate Shoedown". They also appear in "Going to the Mountains".


Floyd appears in Pizza Zombies!. He works at a pizza restaurant named "Pizza-Face Pizza". He wears a green t-shirt, and a cap with the restaurant logo on it. He complains that he had to deliver a pizza to Ian and Anthony due to the fact that it was during a zombie outbreak. So they let him in and then thinks he is a zombie.


The furby is an interactive toy. It appeared in MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND. The furby can be very rude, but it also can be apologetic sometimes.


Gary (played by Padilla) is a boy who bet his friend (Ian Hecox) that he could put both his hands in a paper shredder. His hands were so damaged they had to be amputated.

During the surgery, Gary's parents realized they couldn't afford prosthetic hands for him. As an alternative he wears boots on his arms. He appeared in Feet for Hands and had a brief cameo appearance in Boxman's Girlfriend as a dancer.


Steven (played as Ian Hecox) is a retarded kid. He usually mistakes the burglar who comes in every holiday, Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.

Steven's parents

Steven's parents know that Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real, although Steven says they are.

Guest Stars


iJustine is a popular American YouTuber. iJustine makes a cameo appearance in FIRETRUCK!!!!

Kassem G

Kassem G is an popular Asian American YouTuber. He played as a teacher in "If Cartoons Were Real".


Kevin Wu, also known as "Kevjumba" is a popular Asian American YouTuber. He appears in Ian's First Girlfriend as an Asian guy who is walking his dog. Ian hands him a bunch of flowers (rigged with a microphone by Anthony), and proceeds to make embarrassing comments into the microphone as he tries to convince his dog to poop.

Mystery Guitar Man

Mystery Guitar Man is an American who is was once in the top ten most subscribed of all time. He guest starred in EPIC TEENY BATTLE.

Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson, is an American comedian who rants about other people's videos. He was once the most subscribed YouTuber. Ray appeared in the end of the episode, "HOT ROBOT SLAVE". Ian can be seen making a parody of Ray's videos much earlier in video.
Your girlfriend's got talent

Your girlfriend's got talent.

Kick his @ss!!

Kick his @ss!!

Unnamed characters

Anthony's "Husband"

In Food Battle 2009, Anthony put on a burrito as a wig. Then a guy came out and started thinking Anthony was a girl named Sherry. He asked Anthony if he could marry him, and Anthony accepted it. But the guy noticed that Anthony was a guy after the marriage.

Anthony's Kids

Anthony's kids showed up in Food Battle 2009 when he married a guy. In the 3rd snapshot, it showed Anthony and his "husband" and 2 children in a hospital.


The Burglar (played by Anthony Padilla) always steals stuff from Steven's house on Holidays. Steven always thinks he is Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.


The biker appeared in Going to the Mountains. An elf stole his bike.

Dumb Woman

This dumb woman appeared in Food Battle 2007. She was robbed by Ian, because she wanted his donut.

Escaped Woman

The escaped woman appeared in Food Battle 2007. Anthony tried to rob her, but she managed to escape.


The Ghost only appeared in The Haunting. Ian thinks it is not real, but Anthony says it is.

Grandmother and Child

They both appeared in A Merry Gangsta Christmas. They seem to like The Gangstas' 12 days of Christmas song, and the boy said, "Yo, that was off the hook!"

Japanese Elvis Presley-Fans

Japanese Elvis Presley-Fans made an appearance in "I'M NOT RACIST!!!". Anthony believed that all Japanese people wear and act like Elvis Presley, however, Ian then explains to him that Ian and the Japanese fans just got back from the Elvis convention.

News reporter

The news reporter shows up in Pizza Zombies!. She wears a red suit, has blond hair, and red lips. She reports that there was a zombie outbreak, but then admits that she was only joking about, and then apologizes about it.

Old man

The old man appears in some of the episodes of Smosh, mainly in the "Charlie The Drunnk Guinea Pig" series. His name was never revealed in any of the episodes he has been in. The old man's roles are either being a landlord, a manager, and Ian's future self. In all the episodes he has acted in, he always dies, or gets severely injured by being stabbed a knife, being shot by lasers, and even being devoured by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


The robber was seen in "Left Handed". He planned to rob Ian, but changed his mind when he became bored by Ian and Anthony's antics.

Rude Man

He appeared in Ian's First Girlfriend. He has a dog, and a friend. Ian gave the roses to him, because he thought girls don't like roses. The mean man is played by Kevin Jumba.

The Guy Who hates Toy Story

The person showed up in Food Battle 2008 in the last challenge. Anthony got angry at him for hating Toy Story and Ian gets also angry at him for littering. He attempts to kill him with his churro, but however he slips on a banana peel the guy litter, and stabbed himself with the churro.

Unseen Characters

Anthony's Dad

Anthony's dad always mocks Anthony. He says that Toy Story isn't real, although Anthony says it is.

Ian's Sister

Ian's sister was killed in "Ian's Birthday" by Anthony. Anthony thought he killed Sparky, Ian's dog, but he didn't.


The waiter appeared in "Ian's First Girlfriend". He is marked unseen, because his arm only appeared.

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