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"Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a game that feels like it needs two scores: the single-player, while impressive-looking with fun combat, had several extremely major problems and would score around a 6 in my book, with the bugs in mind; while the multiplayer, with extremely deep and meaningful customization and a streamlined spawning system deserves more like a 9 out of 10. Because this game is meant more for the multiplayer, I'll round that up slightly and give Medal of Honor: Warfighter 8.25 headshots out of 10."

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a game reviewed by Sohinki on Smosh Games Review.

Game Information

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a first-person shooter developed by Danger Close Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is a direct sequel to 2010's series reboot Medal of Honor and the fourteenth installment in the Medal of Honor series.

The single-player campaign picks up where Medal of Honor left off, with Tier 1 operator Preacher as he returns home to find his family torn apart from years of deployment. When an extremely deadly explosive (PETN) penetrates civilian borders, Preacher and his fellow teammates are sent in to solve the problem and stop the terrorists behind it.

Upon release, the game received fairly mixed reviews; although the visuals and Frostbite 2 engine were praised, criticism fell towards its storyline, AI, gameplay, and bugs and glitches (even after the day one patch).


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