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Matt Raub (born October 23, 1986) is an American director, producer, and writer. Currently, he is Vice President of Unscripted at Smosh. In the DEFY Media era, he was lead producer and director of Smosh Games. Along with managing talent, he was known for creating the series Cell Outs, as well as directing Honest Game Trailers, Game Bang and numerous other Smosh shows. Matt often appears in Family Style and Mystery Challenge.

During the interim after the Defy Media shutdown and Mythical Entertainment's acquisition of Smosh, Matt hosted a show called Cringe Party which where he and two guests would watch an infamously bad movie in order to commentate on it.

Following the return of Smosh under Mythical, Matt Raub was then given his higher position as a member of Senior Staff within the company.



  • Matt Raub is the older brother of Mark Raub, who was formerly a PA for Smosh Games. Similarly to his brother, Mark also writes and directs.
  • Though websites like Famous Birthdays have claimed that Matt Raub was born in 1970, his age seems to have been incorrectly determined by these sites as he is actually considerably younger. His true year of birth, 1986, was revealed via a twitter post for his birthday in 2019. Famous Birthdays has since corrected this error.
  • Matt Raub is a hugely proud nerd, with a great love for DC, Marvel, Space Jam, and corny scary movies.
  • He has a YouTube channel, though it is rarely used.
  • During various the Smosh Summer and Winter Games, Matt Raub has acted as a referee, often referring to himself as the 'Best Ref'.