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"MatPat - OUR FIRST GUEST!!!" is the fifth episode of the SmoshCast, hosted by Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, and special guest MatPat. It was released on March 20, 2019 on podcast platforms and on March 22, 2019 to the SmoshCast channel.

The thumbnail depicts Ian looking at MatPat with hearts over his eyes in front of a yellow football pattern background.


Ian, Courtney, and first guest ever (!) MatPat talk all things Defy, why “Black Smosh” almost happened, the toxicity of the internet, and their opinions on live-action Aladdin.

11:50 - Black Smosh & Other Stupid Defy Ideas

16:32 - Stop Killing Us In Your Fanfics

20:20 - Courtney Can’t Grow Armpit Hair

24:37 - MatPat on Parenting

43:31 - Why So Negative, Internet?

1:06:50 - Our Thoughts On Live-Action Disney Movies



A preview of the SmoshCast is shown first, which consists of Ian revealing that Defy wanted to create black Smosh, Courtney talking about having kids, Matthew analyzing the Internet and Courtney softly yelling, "Man the shields!"

Ian then sets the timer on his laptop. He welcomes listeners to the podcast, but then criticizes his own greeting and admits they still need to work on some of the kinks.

He tries again, seemingly succeeding and asks his partners to introduce themselves, but this is only so that Matthew can introduce himself since people may not know who he is. Matthew says both of his known names and this leads to Courtney and Ian beginning to discuss how they should be introducing their guests. They joke that Ian forgot his name and that is why he is introduced. Ian, along with Matthew, further promotes Matthew, and the conversation evolves into a straightforward discussion of his channels' history.