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Mark Edward Fischbach (b. June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTuber. He gained popularity through his many playthroughs of horror and indie games, and has since branched out into vlogging and sketch comedy with a team of friends. He currently has over 23 million subscribers.

Mark has collaborated with Smosh on a few occasions. He first appeared as a guest star in Button Bash, and has made a couple of minor appearances since on Smosh and Smosh Games. He was a guest star on You Posted That? and even made an appearance as himself in Smosh: The Movie. Outside of Smosh, he appeared alongside Ian on H3h3's podcast.

Smosh credits

Channel Series Videos
Smosh Games.jpg Button Bash MARKIPLIER KILLS US[
You Posted That? Markiplier, Steven Suptic, and Lily Marston - You Posted That?


  • Smosh: The Movie as himself. In the movie, Ian and Anthony are transported into one of Mark's gaming videos. Mark, playing as a murderous monster in the game, proceeds to chase after Ian and Anthony, intent on brutally killing them.
  • H3 Podcast #8 - Markiplier & Ian Hecox (Smosh) with Ian Hecox and H3h3


After dropping out of the University of Cincinnati, Mark started on YouTube in September 2011 with his first channel, which had very few views and subscribers. In May 2012, after some issues with monetization, Mark jumped ship to his second and current channel, MarkiplierGAME, now called simply Markiplier. The channel has since gained over 23 million subscribers and 10 billion total views, accumulated over time from collaborations and playing popular horror and indie games. Mark has also done dozens of vlogging and sketch comedy videos, and has raised over $1,000,000 for a variety of charities.

For some time, Mark worked closely with sketch comedy team Cyndago until one of its members, Daniel Kyre, attempted suicide in September 2015 and died soon afterwards in hospital. Mark took a brief hiatus from YouTube after Daniel's death, returning to YouTube full-time in late 2015. In the same year, he also adopted a golden retriever named Chica.

In late 2016, Mark formed a team of friends to assist in creating higher-quality videos, consisting of his friends Ethan Nestor, Kathryn Knutsen and Tyler Scheid, and his girlfriend Amy Nelson. As of 2018, Kathryn is no longer working with Mark full-time.


  • Since he began devoting more time to scripted productions on his channel, Mark has notably included Pamela Horton in multiple projects; in 2017, Pam was one of many YouTubers to appear in Mark's comedic collaboration "Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye" (a video which also featured Ian), and she later made more integral appearances in murder mystery "Who Killed Markiplier?" in 2017, and in dark-toned animation "Damien" in 2019.
  • Mark was featured in ONE LETTER OFF YOUTUBERS as "Barkiplier", portrayed as a dog with headphones.