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Luigi (brother), Maria (daughter)

Mario is the titular character in the Super Mario series of games and the mascot of Nintendo. He has also appeared (played by Anthony and Damien) in the occasional episode of Smosh


Mario appears in If Video Games Were Real, trying to see Princess Peach. He punched a brick for a coin but instead of getting one, he hurts his hand and screams "AAHHHHHH! F********!"

He then appears as the main character of REJECTED MARIO GAMES.

Mario Weight loss Adventures

Mario is leaning over a toilet forcing his finger down his throat, attempting to throw up. A window to his left tells his to press A button to vomit. Another Window counts down the time until prom. Mario then complains that he can't go to prom with Peach looking the way he is, so he tries to vomit again.

Mario Tax Returns

Luigi is pushing random buttons on a calculator while Mario attempts to claim Yoshi as a dependent. Mario begins to tell him that Mario can claim him, but Yoshi runs off. Mario calls for him but Yoshi falls and explodes.

Mario XXX

Mario walks into a small room and explains that he is there to clean some pipes. It cuts to Mario flamboyantly pumping before he states that the green pipe is all clean.

The Sims: Mushroom Kingdom Edition

Mario is stranded in a pool because someone removed the ladder. He is on the brink of drowning.

Mario Office

Mario is dejected while seemingly mapping the sales and expeditures of a business. He wins at giving up on life.

Mario's Mansion

Mario is scanning a room before he becomes frustrated and tells players to give the "sucky" game to Luigi. He then storms off.

Mario Yoga

Mario is holding a yoga session with Peach and Luigi. He is blissfully watching Luigi which upsets the latter.

Mario Teaches Walking

Mario is struggling between steps while a window instructs players to operate each leg.

Mario Dress-Up

He is trying on Peach's dress and admiring himself.

Mario Kart: DMV Edition

Mario is waiting behind two people in line with the intent of registering his vehicle. Four hours later, he reaches the clerk only for her to tell him he is in the wrong line. He dismayed by the semi-long line he sees for registration.

16-Bit High

Although he never actually appeared in the series, Maria, one of the main characters, is his daughter. He was sometimes mentioned. When Princess Epona appeared with a bag of Power Ups in 'POWER UPS ARE BAD", Maria asked her where she got it, and she said that she stole it from Maria's father. When Mega Kid asked Maria why her father had so many power ups, Maria said that he had it for medicinal purposes and had a medical power up card.

Teleporting Fat Guy

Mario is known as Bing Bong who also fought a dragon with Luigi until they fought over Peach.


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