Block of Love is a MariCraft sub-series, based on the TV show The Bachelorette.


The Smosh Games Crew all took on a character for this sub-series. These were:

  • Mari - "Sage" (the unofficial "bachelorette")
  • Joven - Jovenshire
  • Flitz - "Flitzen Nerdsworthington, I"
  • Wes - Various names (originally named Jonathan)
  • Lasercorn - "Max Realname"
  • Sohinki - "Craig"


No. (in Series) Name Length Released
2 HUMAN TENNIS CHALLENGE 29:40 30 January 2017
3 SHOWER HORSE RACE 24:34 6 February 2017
4 CRAZY CARNIVAL GAMES! 26:56 13 February 2017
5 WEREWOLF BOUNTY HUNTERS! 33:06 20 February 2017
6 THE JAPAN INCIDENT 33:07 27 February 2017


Rank Character Name Real Name


2 3 4 5 6
1st Flitzen Nerdsworthington, I Flitz WINNER
1st Craig Sohinki ELIM WINNER
1st Jovenshire Joven ELIM ELIM WINNER
1st Unknown Name Wes ELIM WINNER
1st Max Realname Lasercorn ELIM WINNER
The contestant won Block of Love
 The contestant won the date and was safe.
The contestant won the date but was put in the Friend Zone.
The contestant was safe
The contestant was put in the Friend Zone.
The contestant reentered the competition.


  • The story arc of this series continues in Hero House.
  • Boze can be seen in the background throughout the series, prior to her official debut in Smosh Winter Games 2017.
  • During this series, some the characters' Minecraft avatars wore suits based on those worn by several members of Smosh Games to the Streamy Awards in 2016.
    • The exceptions to this were Sage, who wore a dress throughout the series (despite the fact that Mari also attended the Streamy Awards in a suit), and Max Realname, as Lasercorn did not attend the Streamy Awards and introduced his own suit later on.
    • Joven and Lasercorn are both known to have kept their suits in real life, and still wear them on a fairly regular basis.[1]
  • If nobody had reentered the competition, Flitz would have won the sub-series in the fourth episode.
  • While Wes's character in the series was officially named "Jonathan", the rest of the cast began getting the character's name wrong very early on, resulting in an ongoing joke based around the character having a different name every time he was asked about it. Wes played along, and ambiguity became a crucial aspect of the character's development. He ended up having sixty-one different names over the course of this series alone.[2]
  • During the third episode, one storyline involved a safe full of diamonds stored in the basement of the Block Of Love Mansion and the competitors' various attempts to get hold of them. Ultimately, Wes's character obtained half of the diamonds (which he hid in a cookie jar) and Craig managed to hold on to the rest. While the storyline partially continued on Craig's side (he used his half of the diamonds to create gifts for Sage), the diamonds that Wes's character had hidden were never brought up again.


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