Smosh Wiki

In the living room

(Anthony tries to look for his keys in a pile of trash)



Where the hell are my keys?

(digs through the boxes)

Seriously, how can anyone live in this crap?


(digs out of the trash while sitting on the couch under the poster)

What are you talking about? Every item here has its own purpose.

(Anthony disagrees with Ian and finds a keyboard; he also inputed Ctrl+F to put in the find section typing in "car keys" making the keyboard automatically finding the car keys Anthony was searching for)


Hey! Don't mess with my stuff!


What stuff?

(Anthony imputed Ctrl+A to highlight all of the trash in the house and pressed the delete button to delete the trash making the house trash free)



My treasure! My sweet, sweet treasure! (tearful, mournful) You'll pay for what you've done.

(Anthony takes out a dollar bill from his pocket and inputs Ctrl+C to copy the dollar and then presses Ctrl+V several times to press "paste" and illegally make a lot of money)


Oo, money! (Tries to get the money, but trips and falls off the table)

(Anthony laughed at Ian's action and inputs Ctrl+Z to undo Ian's actions serval times to see Ian's action all over again to keep on laughing at him)


Oh, oh, oh my god! Dude, that thing is awesome! Dude, you could like copy, paste sandwiches all over the place and like eat them like everywhere you want. Or you could like, chocolate bars.

(Anthony plays music to ignore Ian)


Do you have any idea how-what things you could do like a billion chocolate bars? You could like...

(Anthony raises the volume of the music to ignore Ian even more)


...probably paste a bunch of like cats and make a cat pyramid. Or you could make a dog pyramid like a dog cat dog cat dog cat dog cat and... (got highlighted) Wha? Hey! What are you doing?! NO NO, NO NO! DON'T DO THAT! DON'T DO... (disappeared)

(Anthony inputed Ctrl+H to activate the find-replace form to replace Ian with an attractive female)


Hey, what'd you say you and I uh, get out of here?

(The girl agres and Anthony takes her outside)

In the front yard

(Anthony and the girl didn't like the car so Anthony imputed Ctrl+H to activate the find-replace form again to replace his car with a Ferrari which both of them loved and decided to go in it)

Anthony: I know this is kinda fast, but I think I'm in love with you.

(The chick sounds like Ian)

chick: I love you too.

Anthony: Why do you still have Ian's voice?

chick: What are you talking about?


chick: Shut up and kiss me already!

Anthony: No!

(Anthony accidentally inputs Ctrl+Z do undo the chick's last line all over again serval times until he can't undo anymore)

Anthony: No, no-no! Naaaah!

After the undos

Anthony: S**T! Close, close, close, close!

(Anthony inputs Ctrl+Alt+delete to try to close, but it was forced to shut down)

Anthony: Oh, damn it!

In a white void

Anthony: Oh great! Well I guess I'll just open up an old save then.

(Anthony tries to open up an old save file, but there aren't any)

Anthony: Wha? I forgot to save? I ALWAYS FORGET TO SAVE!!!

(The void was actually one of the letters in the Windows Blue Screen of Death)