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MY LITTLE PONY FIGHTING GAME?! is the 287th episode of the Smosh Games series Game Bang. It was released on March 23, 2018.


On Game Bang we play a game that combines the love of My Little Pony and beating each other up! This is Thems Fightin' Herds!


The losers had to dress up as the characters they played as in the game. There were originally meant to be only two losers, but as there was a three-way tie for second place, Joven declared that everyone except Damien would do the punishment.


Round One (Joven)

  • Joven (1) Vs Mari (2)
  • Joven (1) Vs Wes (2)
  • Joven (0) Vs Damien (2)
  • Joven (0)Vs Boze (2)

Round Two (Wes)

  • Wes (0) Vs Mari (2)
  • Wes (2) Vs Boze (0)
  • Wes (1) Vs Damien (2)

Round Three (Mari)

  • Mari (0) Vs Boze (2)
  • Mari (1) Vs Damien (2)

Round Four (Boze)

  • Boze (1) Vs Damien (2)

Overall Results

  • 1st - Damien (4 Wins)
  • =2nd - Boze (2 Wins)
  • =2nd - Wes (2 Wins)
  • =2nd - Mari (2 Wins)
  • 5th - Jovenshire (0 Wins)


  • The full version of the punishment was released the next day as a SmoshVentures episode.
  • After defeating Wes in their one-on-one round, Mari made a direct request in this video that the Smosh Wiki be updated in order to proclaim her victory.