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"*Skype call SFX* SHUT UP!"
—Shut Up! Opening

MY HOT ONLINE GIRLFRIEND is a Smosh main channel video.


Love is in the air and the internet this week and Ian's found the woman of his dreams - online. When things go wrong during a web-cam chat, he has to overcome the odds to be with this hottie!


Ian is in the living room talking with a girl named Tiffany on Skype, asking her to show him her face due to the fact that they had been dating on Skype for 6 months and she hasn't shown him her face. She agrees to show her face but goes off camera to "fix her hair" while Tiffany's gone Ian pulls out a wedding ring from his pocket saying she will make a beautiful wife.

Tiffany comes back on camera and is just about to show her face when a power cut occurs, Ian panics yelling he was about to see her "possibly-beautiful-face". Anthony comes into the room and Ian tells him they need to get the power back on, he then tells him about Tiffany and states that he hasn't seen her face, Anthony tells Ian to do do the "serious dance" if he is actually serious, after Ian does the serious dance he tells Anthony they need to turn the fuse box back on but Anthony insists not to go outside because the power might be out all over Sacramento and that all the planes flying in the sky may have lost their power and that they'll crash to the ground and kill all the residents, Ian is shocked by the situation and asks Anthony if he's serious, after doing the serious dance Anthony tells Ian that he should give up on her saying she's probably with some-other guy if hasn't been killed by the "falling planes" Ian refuses to give up on Tiffany he attempts to power the computer by scraping his feet across the carpet to build up a lot of static electricity so he can touch the computer to turn it back on, which Anthony highly doubts.

Two hours later, Ian touches the computer but is launched into the air after being electrocuted. Ian thinks he will never get the power back on, nor see Tiffany's face and will never be able to take her to an Elvis concert. Anthony tells Ian that Elvis has been dead for 50 years. However, Ian claims he saw him in Las Vegas a month ago, Anthony tells Ian that if the power was back on he would show Ian on Wikipedia that Elvis is dead, Ian then orders Anthony to do the serious dance, after Anthony does the serious dance Ian has a nervous breakdown and says he needs a blanket so Anthony takes off his hoodie and places it over Ian.

Ian notices that Anthony is wearing the same shirt as Tiffany was, but then notices he has the same belly button hair as her and that he has the same crotch buldge as Tiffany as well. Ian freaks out and realises Anthony had been catfishing him, Anthony tells him the he was moping around because he couldn't get a girl and that Anthony was trying to raise his self-esteem by pretending to be his girlfriend.

Ian who has his hand partly over his eyes also covering Anthony's head from his point of view notices Anthony's body and says "this could work" after Anthony asks Ian that he's not serious Ian does the serious dance (indicating he's turned gay and that Anthony can still be his girlfriend), Anthony says "F**k my life" as the episode ends.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox


  • This is another Smosh video that uses a noise from either a video game or a computer program.
  • This is a semi-notable video due to the introduction of the Serious Dance, which was used in "20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!" It was also in a Lunchtime w/Smosh video, done by Anthony while sitting in the passenger seat.
  • As Anthony says "F**k my life" Ian's hand can be seen on the right-hand-side of the shot even though he is doing the serious dance.
  • Anthony says Elvis has been dead for like 50 years when in reality, at the time of the video upload, he had been dead for approximately 37 years.
  • Around 2 1/2 years later, future Smosh Squad member Noah Grossman would have a girlfriend named Tiffany, whose face was not shown for a while.

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