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==Subscription Ending==
==Subscription Ending==
{{Quote|Thanks for subscribing hehe. I'm gonna go eat some pickled-pig feet now. Mmm nananum.}}
{{Quote|Thanks for subscribing hehe. I'm gonna go eat some pickled-pig feet now. Mmm nananum.}}
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[[Category:Live Videos]]
[[Category:Live Videos]]

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My Friend's Hot Sister is a Smosh video uploaded on June 21, 2013.


Ian dates Antoinette again to take it to the next level.


In the house, Anthony tweets about watching the Walking Dead marathon with Ian also putting, "#BestDayEver" in the tweet while eating some of the popcorn. Ian apologizes to Anthony saying that Antoinette wants to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Antoinette even says that she likes the part where they say, "Yes" to the dress. Ian also said that was his favorite part too and plays with Antoinette. Anthony asks about Ian dating her again which the sister said that they were but this time, it's for real. Ian said that it'll last until she dies which Antoinette giggled. Anthony felt a little annoyed by the dating and moved somewhere else. Later on, there was a conversation where Ian said that he likes Antoinette's eyes and she said that he likes Ian's nose. He said that he likes her laugh while Antoinette said that he likes his nipple hair. Ian said that he likes her butt chin and Antoinette likes Ian's stretch marks. Ian said that he likes her eye brows and Antoinette said that she likes his kan-coles. Ian likes Antoinette's sweat sting while she likes his knee pit. Ian even likes her butt-crack hair. Anthony got disturbed by the conversation. Later on, Antoinette calls on Ian's phone even though they're on the same couch. Ian picks up and Antoinette wants to tell Ian that she loves him. Ian thought she was cute which she agreed. Anthony asked if they can do it somewhere else, but they didn't listen to him and kept on talking to each other. Anthony thought it was fine and said that he's going to destroy the relationship to get Ian back. The background made Anthony look more evil. Anthony asked if that was cool with them. Antoinette decides to go to the bathroom to freshen up because she realized she forgot to wipe and gets off the couch. Ian said, "Bye." to Antoinette and told Anthony to take it further with Antoinette. He knows that they only hugged a lot, but he thinks that he is ready to take it to the next level. Anthony with an evil gesture thought he can help out with that and laughs. Ian asks him why he is laughing. Anthony said that thinking about Dick Cheney as a kid, in which Ian thought was funny.

At the restaurant, Anthony gave Ian ear pears and a walky-talky. Ian asked why Anthony is wearing his disguise which Anthony that he doesn't want his sister to recognize him. Anthony tells Ian that his sister likes to be treated in a very specific way and to say whatever he says. Ian gets the message and Anthony tells Ian to go to the table. At the table, Antoinette looks at the menu and decides to order the pickled-pig's feet thinking it's delicious. Anthony said on the walky talky asking to Antoinette if she's sure because she's practically a whale already. Ian copied that message and Antoinette thanked him because she likes whales. She even said that she'll hug Ian so hard later. Anthony didn't like it and said, "Son of a bitch!" Ian copied what Anthony said which Antoinette asked, "What?" All of the sudden, the manager and the police officer came by Anthony. The manager asks Anthony what's he doing in the restaurant. Anthony said that it was nothing but that he had to go pee and couldn't reach the bathroom. Ian copied that message and Antoinette hugged him thinking he had a bad day. When the manager and the police were removing Anthony from the restaurant, he said to them to get his off of him calling them ugly sacks of s**t. Ian copied that message making her to stop hugging him. Anthony said that he'll beat the crap off of the manager and the police if they don't back off and told them to get away. When they threw him out, he yelled, "Nooooooo!" Ian copied all of that and Antoinette thought she was playing hard-to-get which she liked and even said for them to get out of the restaurant. Ian thanked Anthony and even told him he was the best.

Back in the house, Anthony tweets about showing Antoinette how much of a true pussy Ian actually is, she'll dump him for sure also putting "#Swag". When the couple entered the house, Antoinette thought the brown food she ate tasted weird and Ian thought they tasted gross which she agreed. All of the sudden, Anthony disguises himself as a robber holding a potato on his hand like a gun wanting to rob them. Ian got scared and Anotinette too, but she fought Anthony and punched him to the ground. Ian told Antoinette that he was scared and she liked it because he expressed his feelings. Ian asked if he wants to take it to the next level with him which she agreed only if he took Anthony's wallet because the Twilight shirts don't pay for themselves which Ian agreed. Ian saw the ID in the wallet and thought the robber stole Anthony's wallet even though it was Anthony's.

In Ian's room, Antoinette said that she's ready to take it to the next level. Ian prepared the game and Antoinette asked what Ian was doing and he said that he was stuck the level for two days and asked if she could help. Antoinette asked if Ian wanted her to beat a level in a stupid video game which Ian thought that's the only meaning for "take it to the next level". Antoinette whispered the actual meaning to Ian. He thought it was gross and kept on saying "Ewwwwwwww..." He said it while backing away from the house and into the street, where he eventually gets run over by a car.

In the hospital, Ian started getting grossed out again before breifly stopping and then thinks that doesn't sound too bad.

Alternate Ending

At the hospital when Ian continually yells out "Ewwwww!", he refers to chunky peanut butter which he hates.

Deleted Scene #1

While the show Say Yes to the Dress, Randy shows the first skirt which is mostly black and brown. The bride (Ian) doesn't like the dress. Randy shows the second dress which is black in the middle and a purplish kind of color at the ends with a black scarf. The bride agrees with the dress and cheers. Antoinette liked the part where she said, "Yes!" to the dress. Ian thought that was great, but Anthony didn't like the show. Antoinette thought it was perfect.

Deleted Scene #2

Anthony checks his Facebook and asks why they have a picture of themselves pooping together on Facebook. Antoinette thought he was jealous of their love and even called her brother an idiot. Anthony just closed his laptop.


My Friend's Hot Sister/Script



  • Ian's Ringtone is the theme song for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • This (possibly) is the second reference to "bronies" (The male fanbase My Little Pony) in Smosh. An earlier reference would be Ian's "G1 Pony" Shirt in My Pet Pikachu.
  • This is Antoinette's most recent appearance after Worst Proposals Ever. Now her hair is black instead of Blonde or Brown.
  • Ian was playing Super Head Esploder-X on his TV.
    • Ian says that he's been stuck on the level for days even though he's at Level 2 and has gone farther in Most Violent Game Ever!?.
    • Head Esploder can't be played on a TV without an AppleTV console, though for the video it was green screened on the TV.
  • Ian's bed is the same carved bed from Sleeping Pill Disaster.
  • Anthony's laptop cover has Link on it.
  • In this video, Ian uses four white shirts with different messages on it:
    • At 0:50, Ian's cloth suddenly changed into a white T-Shirt which written "BEST BF EVER",
    • At 1:48 the text in his T-Shirt changed into "I'm TAKEN LOL",
    • At 2:53 the text changed into "I Like DONUTS", before changed again at 3:02 into "I'm TAKEN LOL",
    • And at 3:15 changed again into "SHE'S MINE" until the video ends.
  • When Ian walked backwards, he's leaving home without shoes, but suddenly outside Ian appeared with shoes.
  • Since Walking Dead is a show about zombies and Ian was scared of Anthony dressed as a robber, Ian will most likely be scared of the marathon and Anthony might want to watch it for his amusement of Ian being scared.

Shut Up! Opening

"Damn, that girl looks hot. Oh, god that's my sister. SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing hehe. I'm gonna go eat some pickled-pig feet now. Mmm nananum."




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