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MURDER PARTY is a Smosh main channel video.


Ian blames Anthony for murdering multiple people at his "Murder Mystery Party" and Anthony tries to convince him otherwise.


Ian walks into his house speaking to his mother on the phone and then suddenly freaks out to find out that Anthony is covered in blood and there is a mail woman on the ground. Ian suspects Anthony for the murder and is about to call 911 but Anthony distracts him and shows him a footprint made out of blood, which looks a lot like Anthony's shoe print but Anthony says it is the most popular shoe in the world and that it is really comfortable for murdering people (he adds not that he would know that) and then he sees a letter on the floor saying "someone will die within the next 64 seconds" in Anthony's hand writing.

Then a skinny black guy appears and tells Anthony that he was invited to a party with hot grills, which Anthony states is "hot girls" understanding his own handwriting. Then the skinny black guy sees the dead body and pulls out his sword to call 911 but suddenly everything goes dark and he is dead under a bookshelf.

Then Anthony sees a girl getting her stretch outside the house and tells Ian that she might be the killer and to take a photograph but when Ian gets the camera and turns the girl his dead. Ian is like "Seriously?" and then Anthony is like "See, I told you she was the killer!" but then Ian asks why she is is dead. Anthony says, that she might have over come with so much guilt that she killed herself. Then Ian couldn't take it anymore and apologizes for having to call 911. But then the mail woman gets up and reveals to be Ian's mom. She says that Anthony wasn't the killer at all, and when Ian asks why she did it the answer was to teach the boys something. But what it was, even she didn't know when she asks, Ian says that he learnt that his mom was a murderer and then Anthony says he learnt that Ian's mom is really good at covering him in blood without him noticing. And then Ian's mom says "Good enough" and walks away.

Anthony says that he told Ian that he wasn't the murderer and then Ian says that he shouldn't have ever doubted Anthony. And then Anthony grossed out wonders where Anthony's mom got the blood. She exclaims that she killed two hookers and Ian's like "Mom!" And then a notice comes saying: REMEMBER TO ALWAYS TRUST YOUR FRIENDS AND NEVER TRUST YOUR PARENTS, BECAUSE THEY PROBABLY JUST KILLED A FEW RANDOM HOOKERS. And then Ian states that he also killed some hookers and Anthony surprised says..."What the f**k," and then another notice comes saying: NEVERMIND, DON'T TRUST YOUR FRIENDS EITHER. DON'T TRUST ANYONE I GUESS. YOU'RE ALL ALONE, SORRY.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Sharon Hecox

Kristin David

Keith Leak II

Olivia Sui



  • This is the last video to use the BTS logo.
  • Anthony states that the video is sort of like Clue.
  • This video also shown that Anthony is being more idiotic than Ian, making him the dumb one of Smosh since late 2013.
  • The woman stretching outside was alive, but after a few seconds, she dies. Ian says Anthony killed her, but it would have been impossible for Anthony to kill her that fast if he is inside the house.
  • Ian was talking to his mom on the phone while going inside the house, but the mail woman on the floor is his mom. So Ian and Anthony could've known the body was Ian's mom. Unless she already hung up the phone and Ian didn't notice, and Anthony only went down the exact time Ian enters the house.
  • This is Ian's mom's only appearance in 2015.

Shut Up! Opening

"I know! The butler did it! SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"And click that little subscribe button, cuz if you are subscribed, you are not gonna get murdered!"