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MOVIE TRANSLATION FAILS is a Smosh main channel video.


Mari serves as the narrator. The movie titles and Japanese text are not pronounced but the translation fail English titles were pronounced in a Japanese accent.


Forrest Gump

森の遅い人 Slow People of the Trees

Forrest Gump (Anthony): Chocolate Box is a life.
You don't know whether I am ever going to take it.

The Dark Knight Rises

バットの男は、スタンドMan of Bat Will Get Up

Bane: Theater and deception we are. It is the powerful drug for the novice that is not blues.
But what we will start?
Shadow of League Members!

Batman: What?

Snakes on a Plane

ヘビと飛行機 Snake and Airplane

Neville Flynn (Keith): Enough is my concern. I had a nasty snake in it of these a nasty face!

Fifty Shades of Grey

光と闇のフィフティシェード Fifty Sunglasses of Light and Darkness

Anastasia Steele (Ian): A sadist is you?

Christian Grey (Anthony): Dominant is I!

Anastasia Steele: What it mean?

Christian Grey: It mean that you have abandon you are willing to unto myself.

Anastasia Steele: Accepted!

The Hunger Games

空腹ゲーム Empty Stomach Game

Katniss Everdeen (Ian): I for myself vote to engagement!

Effie Trinket (Anthony): Odd thing let us in a benefit for a extended time. N.

The Terminator

暗い吸血鬼の取得 Exit Robot

The Terminator: I'm back come.

The Sixth Sense

センスナンバーシックス Sense Number Six

Cole Sear: I look at the people who died.


冷凍 Refrigeration

[Singing to the tune of Let it Go] Elsa (Anthony): It let start! It let start!
No longer stand it can!
It's let start. It's let leave.
If you turn away and close the door with a bang.


暗い吸血鬼の取得 almost dark

Bella (Ian): I did not know thirsted for how dominant is my blood that there is that possibility vampire Edward, and I was non-cancellation in him with loving.

Edward (Anthony): It speeches. It speeches loudly to me.

Bella: Mosquito Man


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Keith Leak II

Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp

Noah Grossman

Voice Over: Mari Takahashi


  • This video is a follow up video on Japanese Titanic.
  • The Japanese text translation "暗い吸血鬼の取得"shown for both The Terminator and Twilight is the same.