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Blue shirts (front): Sohinki and Ian (back): Flitz and Wes Ref: Shayne Green shirts (front): Mari and Lasercorn (back): Courtney and Anthony

MORE FUN WITH OUR BALLS is the third special of Smosh Summer Games. It was released July 12, 2015.

Video Description:

We take out our balls once again and smack each other all over the beach!



The video opens with the Summer Games intro. The gang is then shown running on the beach covered in inflated plastic (balls), or bumper balls, with blue and red polkadots. They are kicking around a ball and Shayne is focused in his referee position. Noah is down for the count soon after the video begins, for unknown reasons but seconds later is fine.

Shayne tells Noah that he will take the punishment. Most of the Smosh gang is listening to the exchange, but Ian and Anthony are in their own world talking to each other and Joven and FLitz seem to be acutely exhausted. However, Noah is now the ref and Shayne is on the team, which Noah is happy about. He walks away and Shayne fakes anger and runs to Noah to attack him after he is needled by the participants. He tackles him but only for a brief amount of time. They make up, but then Shayne yells at Noah to give Shayne his whistle and Noah begins running away. The chase ends with Noah rolling over a ball.

The scene cuts to them playing in the balls once more. At one point, about half a dozen of them run into each other.

The scene changes to many whooping and lightly jumping. Joven is seen over the hole on the top of the ball, shaking his head, telling the camera that he wants to go home.

A shot of Noah is then seen, who states that he would be a better referee than the ball man, which is why he is currently the referee. A ball then runs over Noah.

A shot of Mari from second person is seen in the ball and Anthony remarks that he is dead. Ian and Joven are shown in their struggles, trying to remain positive.


  • This video was critically panned by viewers due to containing mostly, if not all, repetitive content.
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