Minecraft War on Lasercornia is the seventy-seventh installment for the Smosh Games series Super Mari Fun Time.



Lasercorn's bloodthirst has not been quenched. After conquering the town of Lasercornia, he became hungry for power. He now threatens to expand his dominion by conquering Mari's Land. But Mari has a little trick up her sleeve. Will it be enough to hold off the advancing threat of Lasercorn's encroaching empire?


Declaration of war and first ambush attempt

Mari welcomes her viewers to another Minecraft episode and explains that Lasercorn is still in his town while she is at her house. Lasercorn claims his town is superior to her house, though Mari points out that it was stolen. Lasercorn claims that he did this because the villagers were "bad people". Lasercorn starts faking impatience and stating that he is done with Mari's "insolence", to Mari's shock and confused. Lasercorn considers negative talk about him as an act of treason, though Mari states that she thinks Lasercorn makes for a "bad" king. Lasercorn has had enough of Mari's "insolence" and declares war, stating that he will invade Mari's house in the name of Lasercornia and that she has five minutes to prepare. Mari, however, is in Lasercornia, raiding his chests of valuable items. While they continue to debate the oncoming invasion, they call an "uneasy truce" to go to bed as it is night.

The next morning, Lasercorn reminds Mari of her time left before he invades her house. Mari tries to call a time-out, which Lasercorn disagrees with. Mari ignores his protests and uses Siri to look up how to craft a bow. Lasercorn declares that he will not give Mari any more time, and that he is on his way to invade, but is a rather far distance away. While Lasercorn starts making his way towards Mari's Land, Mari shows the audience her skin for the episode. The episode's skin features a pig head, a red-and-yellow striped sweater with mari's face on it and a flower detail in her hair.

Lasercorn warns Mari that he is on his way to her house, albeit far away, but stating that he has the element of surprise on his side. Mari states that she too has a surprise for Lasercorn as she crafts a bow and a diamond sword. Later, however, Mari accidentally falls into a cave pit and is trapped. Lasercorn points out that Wes has joined the game, much to Mari's surprise. Mari states that Wes is her "secret weapon", hiring him as her mercenary against Lasercorn, despite the latter's attempts to prevent this. Mari also gives Wes the third floor of her house and a bedroom, since Lasercorn no longer used it.

Lasercorn realizes that the sky is darkening and wants to go to bed, but can't as Mari is still stuck in the cave without a bed, though Lasercorn is not bothered by this. Mari starts to get concerned and asks Wes if he is guarding the house. She eventually makes her way out of the cave and heads toward her house, unaware that Lasercorn is waiting for her. As soon as Mari walks in through the door, Lasercorn yells "SURPRISE ATTACK!" and ambushes Mari, catching her off guard and killing her quickly. Lasercorn celebrates his victory and begins to collect Mari's items against her objections, but is attacked and killed by Wes, and is disappointed to see that he spawned back in Lasercornia. Lasercorn states that he scored the first victory, but Mari states that she did, as her mercenary killed him after. Despite that, Mari acknowledges that she was very startled by Lasercorn's ambush, actually screaming when he surprised her.

Second ambush attempt

Due to the failed "invasion", Lasercorn went into a cave and walked into lava. He respawns, to his faked disappointment. Mari goes outside to kill mobs near her house. Mari starts to get overwhelmed by the number of mobs and escapes inside. Unbeknownst to her, Lasercorn returns to her house and begins breaking a window to get inside the house. Meanwhile Wes accidentally leads a creeper into their front yard, destroying part of the gravel pathway. Lasercorn opens a chest dangerously near Mari, but finds it empty. He goes upstairs as a skeleton climbs in through the window. Mari notices the skeleton and follows it upstairs to kill it, unaware that Lasercorn was there. Mari turns around and, after a second of looking, sees Lasercorn attempting to conceal himself behind the water tank. Mari chases Lasercorn around the tank and the former escapes upstairs, leaving Mari behind. As Mari is looking for him, Lasercorn is hiding on the small balcony on the third floor, and is attacked by a spider and is knocked down to the larger balcony below. Lasercorn quickly kills the spider but is left with merely one heart of health.

Mari goes upstairs to the top floor, still looking for Lasercorn. After looking over the balcony, she realizes something and heads down to the middle floor. She sees Lasercorn and chases him around the water tank for a second time. As Lasercorn attempts to escape down the stairs, Mari lands a hit, killing him. Mari celebrates her victory and puts on a gold helmet and boots, "just in case some d-bag comes to [her] house". Mari also scolds Wes for the small creeper craters in their front yard, though understanding that he did get beaten up trying to fend the monsters off from the house. Wes moves into a nearby cave while Mari kills a spider that attempted to ambush her.

Third attempt and victory

Mari asks Lasercorn to come back over to assist in the building of a lava moat, stating that as he failed he should help. Lasercorn, not revealing that he is already back in the house, points out that he was killed by Wes and not her. Mari stated that he lost to her during the second failed ambush, though Lasercorn stated that was only so as he did not have anything with him at the time. Lasercorn steals a few diamonds from one of Mari's chests and crafts a diamond sword. He manages to successfully kill Mari when she is at a crafting table, unable to quickly react. Mari respawns and attempts to kill Lasercorn, but fails due to lack of equipment. He escapes from the house and moves into the cave where Wes is, and kills him as well.

Lasercorn, enjoying his victory, declares that he killed Wes and stole Mari's diamonds. Mari demands to diamonds back and is hunting for Lasercorn. The two engage in a brief duel, but Mari is killed again, but does a considerable amount of damage, this time due to a diamond pickaxe. Lasercorn is almost damaged by a creeper but moves out of the explosion radius in time. He continues to steal Mari's items and proceeds to break open the water tank, flooding the house. Lasercorn tells Mari that "someone may or may not be flooding [her] house." Mari, who at the time was searching for Lasercorn in the cave where he killed Wes, runs out in shock while Lasercorn laughs at announces "victory for the kingdom of Lasercornia!"

When Mari exits the cave, Lasercorn kills her and she respawns in the house. Mari, seeing the flooding, curses Lasercorn but notices the water disappearing. Lasercorn blames Wes for it, sneaking into the house and murdering Wes a second time. Making his way back to Lasercornia, Lasercorn asks Mari if she surrenders, to which she says "never". Mari notices that some of the flowers were destroyed and the roofs are leaking. Mari compares her house and its condition to the Titanic. Lasercorn states that this the circumstances could have been avoided had she not "mocked" Lasercornia. Mari points out that he is the only resident of Lasercornia, which he labels as "blasphemy" and considers a spider as the only other resident of his town. Lasercorn names the spider Maurice after Mari is skeptical and asks for its name.

Lasercorn is attempting to build a hidden fort to attack the house from. Sohinki appears and points out to Mari the obvious flooding, though Mari is unamused. Sohinki, unaware of what has been going on, asks why her house is leaking, and Mari responds with simply "because Lasercorn... is a bitch." Lasercorn explains that he flooded the house, to which Sohinki laughs.

Final victory for Lasercornia

Mari is still cross with Lasercorn for wrecking her house, and is searching for his hidden base. Lasercorn tells her that it is fairly close to her house. Mari sees that Wes has left the game, leaving Mari's Land defenseless. Lasercorn attempts to make a deal with Mari; if she states that her house is property of Lasercornia, she will get one diamond in return and pay a monthly rent of three gold ingots. Mari claims that she needs a "fortnight" to think about it. Lasercorn, chuckling, asks Mari if she knows how long a fortnight is. Mari declares that she needs one night minimum to think about Lasercorn's deal. Lasercorn taunts her by stating that her diamonds are safe in the next chest crafted by him.

As Lasercorn is typing onto a sign saying Lasercorn's Secret Base, No Mari's Allowed, a creeper explodes next to him, alarming him as his base is damaged and there are a number of mobs nearby. Mari laughs and Lasercorn blames Mari, accusing her of sending the creeper to kill or sabotage him. Lasercorn kills a few zombies that enter his base. Mari, meanwhile, enters the cave and refuses to go to bed, knowing Lasercorn would prefer otherwise. She is shot by an arrow. Startled, Mari fights and kills the skeleton, thinking it was Lasercorn.

The next morning, Lasercorn immediately goes out to attack Mari. Mari protests that as she is in a cave, it is technically not daytime for her. Lasercorn asks if Mari is in the cave near her house, which she denies. Lasercorn proceeds to cover the entrance to laughs in victory. Lasercorn dramatically asks the audience if Mari will escape from the cave mine, which they will find out in the next episode. Lasercorn declares that she will not escape, and laughs in victory as the episode ends.


This episode marks the appearance of a few things:

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Wes, albeit mute and will not appear with a facecam until.
    • This episode also technically marks the first appearance of Sohinki, though he only appeared for a brief time in Mari's camera.
    • This episode is also where Lasercorn's town is referred to as "Lasercornia" for the first time.
  • When Mari points out that Lasercorn took over his town by force when he claimed its superiority over her house, that was hypocritical of her as she encouraged Lasercorn to do so in the first place.
  • Mari states that she too had a surprise for Lasercorn, but ruined the "surprise" by singing a line about her newly crafted diamond sword.
  • Mari also did not need to craft a bow as she already had one in an item frame near the second floor crafting table.
  • The cave Mari was stuck in was apparently made from the dirt settlement seen at the beginning of Playing House in Minecraft.
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