MINECRAFT DRAMA ISLAND (Maricraft: Outlaster Pt. 2) is an episode of the Smosh Games series MariCraft. It aired on September 36, 2016 and is the 2nd instalment of the sub-series Outlaster.


The teams face off in another epic challenge while Joven begins to cause some serious mischief!

Over the next 6 episodes, House M.D. and House About Some Pies will be battling it out SURVIVOR style, in honor of our very own Mari going on the TV show. We'll be competing in challenges, voting each other off - it's gonna be epic!



Team Challenge

The teams had to collect wool and dye it to recreate a picture of a clownfish. The first team to complete the picture wins.

House M.D. Vs House About Some Pie?


  • Flitz (3 votes)
  • Mari (1 vote)


  • The video's title is a parody of the cartoon Total Drama Island.

A reference to Jovenshire's time on King of the Nerds is made.

  • As there was only two team members on House About Some Pie, House M.D. also voted but won the immunity challenge so could not be voted.
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