MAGIC WATER BAG EXPERIMENT! (Smosh Lab) (originally This Bag WILL NOT Pop! (Smosh Lab)) is the eighteenth episode of Smosh Lab released June 28, 2017.

SMOSH LAB pairs SMOSH super-talent SHAYNE TOPP with an actual scientist and they do KICK-ASS science experiments. Every episode will feature a new science experiment and a big friggin’ mess. It’s LEARNING… on accident.

Video Description

"This week on Smosh Lab - a magical bag that won't pop?!"


Shayne and Nick poke pencils through a plastic bag to prove the strength of plastic and the pressure of water.

They then do the same to a giant water bag, finding similar results.


For unknown reasons, this episode is not considered 'episode 18' on the official Smosh Lab playlist, with SLOW MO SLINKY DROP W/ VERITASIUM being considered the true 18th episode.

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