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Lunchtime with Smosh was a series on Smosh Pit that ran from August 26, 2010 to May 15, 2017. Episodes were originally uploaded weekly on Thursdays, later alternating with Smosh is Bored on Mondays. Despite the bi-weekly schedule change, episodes were not uploaded regularly and one was uploaded every few months.

Following Anthony's departure from Smosh, no new episodes have been produced; it is unknown if Lunchtime with Smosh will continue in the future or cease production.

General Episode Structure

Most episodes, the series features Ian and Anthony going to local restaurants for food. During this, the duo make humorous comments about the food and the scenery of the area. In some episodes, Anthony finds random objects on the table before they eat and questions what Ian was doing with them.

After they get home and begin eating, Anthony usually introduces the segment "Finding Twitter Questions," where they answer questions asked on Twitter. In "My Metapod Is So Hard," a new segment called "Finding Tumblr Questions" was introduced, where it's the same as Finding Twitter Questions, except the questions are now on Tumblr. It is unknown if they'll alternate between the two in one episode or switch every episode, since they never answered Twitter questions the episode Tumblr questions started being answered, and they switched back to Twitter Questions in "Detention for Peeing."

After the food is done, one of the two will rate the food using a strange unit of measurement, such as seagulls or equally eccentric measurements.

In June 2012, the main Smosh channel uploaded SMOSH FOUND DEAD, a regular Smosh video in the format of a Lunchtime episode where Ian and Anthony are tricked into eating at a murderer's fake restaurant.

In 2015, Ian and Anthony began slowly transitioning to ordering food into the Smosh office instead of driving to get it due to the Los Angeles traffic.

Cast and Guests

Ian and Anthony are the main characters in Lunchtime w/ Smosh.

A recurring character isBarbershop Pole, who was first introduced in "Fry Eating Contest!" He was normally seen in Ian and Anthony's garage when they arrived home from a restaurant. They remained friends with him until the episode "MY FUTURE WIFE!" when Anthony accidentally revealed that Barbershop Pole slept with Ian's future wife; Ian has been furious with him ever since. In "MY FOOD TALKS TO ME!" Ian was asked to apologize to Barbershop Pole. Although he tried, Ian couldn't apologize.

Wheelchair was introduced in "Hot Girl Singing Fail!" Ian claimed he was shot in the buttocks while fighting in the war and needed it. They started greeting him after "MY FUTURE WIFE!" He is now the most favorited inanimate object and is a recurring prop in some Smosh videos.

Another inanimate object is the carcass of Mankey from POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2. He has been hated/loved since the episode "Dancing Pickle" when Ian commented that it's a possibility that Mankey's carcass is a henchman teaming up with Barbershop Pole. Now in more recent episodes, the Jigglypuff from POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4! is seen in sexual positions with Mankey. But they were seen in those positions before the 4th "POKEMON IN REAL LIFE" was uploaded.

Another minor character, or inanimate object in the garage, seen in "Amazing New Pokemon" and "Greatest Invention Ever" is the disembodied feet and body of the giant Snorlax from POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 3. The foot was seen in "Amazing New Pokemon" and they started greeting the disembodied body parts in "Greatest Invention Ever."

Another inanimate object (well, two actually) are the two skeletons from THE POKEMON MASTER!, first introduced in the episode "My Metapod is So Hard!" While they don't greet the skeletons, they usually catch them in a sexual position whenever they come home, like on a pile of mail in the episode they're introduced and the Snorlax in "Detention for Peeing." This adds the 7-Some in the garage (based on love & popularity) to:

  1. Wheelchair
  2. Barbershop Pole
  3. Mankey Carcass
  4. Snorlax Body Parts
  5. Skeleton
  6. Skeleton 2 (darker shade)
  7. Jigglypuff Carcass

Other guests have also appeared on the show. In "I WOKE UP IN JAIL!", Ian and Anthony ate tacos with their friends from, Marc and Nathan. In "I SAW KIM KARDASHIAN," they ate calamari and seafood with ShayCarl. In "EPIC LUNCHTIME," they ate burgers with Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time. In "SEXY BALLERINA MAN," lan and Anthony ate with Juan and Antonio, the people behind the voices of Ian and Anthony respectively for El Smosh. In "ASIAN LUNCHTIME," Ian and Anthony ate lunch with Smosh Pit Weekly host Mari. In "CONTEST WINNER!", Ian and Anthony ate lunch with a fan named Elizabeth, who won the Fort Breakout contest held back in November 2011. In "TACOS AND PUBERTY," Ian and Anthony had lunch with Emily Brundige, the creator of the Shut Up! Cartoons seriesPubertina.

Episode List

Season 2010

  1. Green Sauce Sucks!
  2. Fry Eating Contest!
  3. Caught Naked!
  4. Hot Grills w/ Wieners! 
  5. Food Battle 2060?!
  6. Born w/ Four Arms!
  7. Humping Everything!!!
  8. I'm a Serial Killer!
  9. Hottest Food in the World!
  10. Worst Rap Battle Ever!
  11. Breast Implants for Men!?
  12. Poop Dance?!
  13. I'm Ash Ketchum!
  14. KE$HA - Grab a Dick
  15. I Woke Up in Jail!
  16. Naked Guy in the Sky
  17. Chopsticks Suck!
  18. Sexist Burger!
  19. Christmas Songs Suck!
  20. Addicted to Bread!

Season 2011

  1. Hot Girl Singing Fail!
  2. We Eat Wieners!
  3. Britney Spears' New Dance!
  4. Small Pee-Pee Truck!
  5. We Saw Kim Kardashian!
  6. Dr. Phil is a Pokemon!
  7. I Have Two Balls!!
  8. The Dinosaur Dance!
  9. Falcon Punch!!!
  10. My Future Wife!
  11. Smosh Kisses Each Other!?
  12. Best Comebacks Ever
  13. Multiple Foodgasms!
  14. 2 Guys 1 Chicken
  15. Surfing on People!
  16. No Gagging on Lollipops!
  17. My Food Talks to Me!
  18. Gorilla in the Bathroom!
  19. Botched Plastic Surgery!
  20. Harry Potter Hates Gingers!
  21. Bet Goes Wrong!
  22. Lunchtime w/ Smosh w/ Shay! (SPECIAL EDITION)
  23. I Have Three Balls
  24. Bearded Princess!
  25. Where Babies Come From!
  26. Real Life Pokedex!
  27. Stop Calling Me Ugly!!!
  28. Chinese Superpowers
  29. Biggest Nipple Contest
  30. Death by Burger
  31. Worst Pickup Lines Ever!
  32. Dancing Pickle!
  33. Man Gives Birth!
  34. Our 1st Anniversary
  35. Coming Out of the Closet!
  36. I Bet My Wiener!
  37. Worst Haircut Ever!
  38. Hot Girls Cause Accidents!
  39. I Am A SexGod!
  40. I Talked to Aliens
  41. Best Derp Face!
  42. I Ate Shrooms!
  43. Grossest Pizza Ever!
  44. Epic Twitter Battle
  45. Amazing New Pokemon!
  46. The Greatest Invention Ever!
  47. Worst Movie Ever!
  48. Epic Lunchtime
  49. Handstand Fail!
  50. President Evil!
  51. My Metapod is So Hard!
  52. Detention for Peeing!
  53. Revealing Our Real Names

Season 2012

  1. Our Weirdest Fan Experience
  2. Brokeback Skeletons
  3. Hottest Cartoon Character!
  4. Our Drivers License Photos!
  5. Biggest Pizza Ever
  6. I Love "Secret" Sauce!
  7. Confessions of a Teenage Boy!
  8. Sexy Ballerina Man!
  9. Smooning = Spooning+Mooning?!
  10. Classy Lapdance!
  11. Do You Have a Dirty Mind?
  12. I Lose Another Bet!
  13. Rihanna's Bowl Haircut
  14. Whale S*******
  15. Surprise Slapped!
  16. Asian Lunchtime! (w/ Mari)
  17. Bacon Milkshakes!!!
  18. Contest Winner!
  19. Kicked in the Balls!
  20. Obsessed With Milk!
  21. Tacos & Puberty
  22. Dirtiest Episode Ever!
  23. Secret Sexchange
  24. I Lick Turtles
  25. Douche Nugget
  26. Shortest Shorts Ever!
  27. 100th Episode!
  28. I Love Pink Things
  29. Lunchtime w/ Smosh LIVE!
  30. Laptop w/ Nipples!
  31. Sad Vader :(
  32. Siri Has a Penis
  33. Douche Steals Girl's Shirt
  34. Fuck Restaurant
  35. Speed Hump!
  36. Fap Time!
  37. Donuts!!!!!!!
  38. MMA Fight!
  39. THE Reverse Cowgirl!
  40. I'm a Girl!
  41. Don't Look Behind You!
  42. Toothpaste Challenge
  43. Trip to Grandpa's House
  44. Booty Poppin' Twerk
  45. PenisJitsu!
  46. Go-Go Juice Insanity
  47. WTF!?

Season 2013

  1. Insane Cat!
  2. Best Gift Ever!
  3. Eating The 2 Billion Cake!
  4. Sexy Staring Contest
  5. Magic Karp
  6. Fuck!
  7. Anthony's Secret Twin
  8. My Limp Fry
  9. Creamy vs Crunchy
  10. Creepy Fan-Fics
  11. Food Porn
  12. Hot Grills
  13. We're NOT Dead!
  14. Ermagherd It's Lernchtime!
  15. Buffalo Penis
  16. Lunchtime Live! Again!
  17. Leg Jump Challenge!
  18. Shrek Sh!t
  19. Evil Twins!
  20. Shaq's Albino Dick
  21. Starving to Death!
  22. Our Ship Names!
  23. Fancy Mustaches!
  24. Balls Balls Balls!
  25. We're Asian Schoolgirls!

Season 2014

  1. Getting Some D
  2. My Birth Video!
  3. Hump the Camera
  4. Talking Sh!t
  5. Amazing Magic Tricks
  6. White Boy Rap Battle
  7. Interpretive Dance of Death
  8. Pokemon for President!
  9. Our Favorite Panties!
  10. Let's Play "Never have I Ever"
  11. We're Having a Baby!
  12. Lunchtime w/ Our Dads!
  13. Gay Chicken!
  14. Like a Virgin
  15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Smosh!
  16. Prank Call
  17. We're Hecka Kawaii!
  18. Nightvision is Scary
  19. White Girl Problems
  20. Breakfast Time with Smosh
  21. We're So Fancy
  22. Parent Approved

Season 2015

  1. Smosh Whiskers And Screaming Nipples
  2. Video Game Characters We'd Bang
  3. Pranking Each Other
  4. Trying Not To Puke!
  5. Running Over 74 Anthonys
  6. Lunchtime w/ Minions!
  7. Video Game Sex Dreams
  8. Lunchtime with Future Smosh
  9. The Sexiest Lunchtime!
  10. Lunchtime Secrets Revealed

Season 2016

  1. Smosh Dating Confessions
  2. Epic Lunchtime - PrankItFWD
  3. Kung Pao Lunchtime
  4. Mystery Pizza Challenge

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