Logan Alexander Paul is an internet personality, actor, and investor. In 2007, he and his younger brother Jake created a YouTube channel named "Zoosh", named after their favorite YouTube channel, Smosh. They used the channel up until 2013 with little success.

In the same year, he and his brother started posting videos on Vine, thus first gaining worldwide attention and various business deals. In 2016, he rose to popularity on YouTube with daily vlogs and now stands in the top fifty most subscribed channels. Since then however, his brother and himself have been involved in numerous YouTube controversies.

With Smosh, he guest starred with Amanda Cerny on the Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover episode Warhead Challenge w/ Logan Paul & Amanda Cerny in 2015. Co-star of the series and main Smosh cast member Courtney Miller was a makeup artist for Logan either early that year or a year prior, thus that being a possibility as to why he was on the show. He is also mentioned and made fun of in the Smosh videos, THE SECRET TO INSTAGRAM COMEDY, EVERY MIDDLE SCHOOL EVER and EVERY YOUTUBER EVER.

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