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Link is a character from The Legend of Zelda game series. He appeared in a few episodes of Smosh (played by Ian Hecox) where he has rap of his own and an In Real Life episode.

The Character

Link is the protagonist of all of the Legend of Zelda games, making his first appearance in the eponomously-titled video game in 1986, and first appeared in Smosh in their 2010 video "If Video Games were Real". His portrayal in Smosh differs from his portrayal in the games.


If Video Games Were Real

He was breaking pots in Anthony's garden, then Anthony showed up and asked what he was doing in his garden. He replies "I'm looking for rupees!" (in the Zelda skit of the episode).

The Legend of Zelda Rap

His own music video (also featuring Anthony as Ganondorf).

If Video Games Were Real 2

He's seen battling with Snake, Star Fox and Jigglypuff (in the Super Smash Bros. skit of the episode).

Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!

He drives the limo that brings Ian and Anthony to the studio. (see gallery to view a screenshot)

Zelda in Real Life!

He is the protagonist in this episode. He went into a portal and was transported to our present time.


Link uses the Master Sword to get out of tricky situations.


A television show about Link going through the events to save Princess Zelda. A parody of Game of Thrones.


  • It is possible that Link might have clones since he died in "Zelda in Real Life!".


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