Let The Aliens Vibe is the 40th episode of SmoshCast, hosted by Courtney Miller, Noah Grossman, Olivia Sui and Shayne Topp. It was released on November 20, 2019 on podcast platforms and on November 22, 2019 on the SmoshCast channel.

Video Description

Courtney, Noah, Olivia and Shayne reflect on their childhoods, decide on who they would call if they murdered someone, and explain why we should let future alien invaders just… vibe with us.

4:45 - Keith, Our Very Own Chris Rock
8:21 - Olivia’s Childhood Friends
18:03 - It Was Easier To Be Bored 10 Years Ago
22:47 - Noah Gets Baited Into Talking About Climate Change
26:00 - A L I E N S
40:12 - Olivia Reflects On Facing Her Fears
46:20 - Shayne’s Scariest Haunted House Experience
56:29 - Do We Believe In Celebrity Mediums?


  • A highlight clip of this podcast was released on SmoshCast on the same day as the podcast version was released.
  • The thumbnail for the video version of the podcast was decided by the fans.[1]
  • According to Noah, Keith was also supposed to be in this episode but had an audition that overran.
  • Ian appeared to provide details regarding the episode's sponsors.


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