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Anthony's Mother

Leezah and Anthony


Leezah Padilla
Date of Birth:
August 19, 1967 (age 50)
Female (real life)
Male (Smosh)
Giving her son a kiss
Wishing her son good luck
Anthony getting his license
Getting fan art
Anthony dressing like a girl
Anthony not letting her kiss him
Her son failing
Dixon Cider
Anthony Padilla (son)
Mathew Worrel (son)
Antoinette Padilla (daughter)
Jerry Padilla (nephew)
Larry Smelbutz (nephew)
Sadie Scott (neice)
Anthony's Grandpa (father or father in law)
Anyone who hates her son
Dan Padilla (?-1989)
Mathew's father (?-?)

Anthony's Mother is a minor recurring character in Smosh. She is Anthony's loving and caring mother who first appeared in "License Test." She is portrayed by Ian Hecox and Paula Barkley in one video. Leezah is also Anthony's REAL mother.


"Ian's Birthday"

Leezah reminds Anthony about Ian's birthday while he's playing guitar hero.


Anthony's mom also makes an appearance in "WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER!", though she's not portrayed by Ian. Ian and Anthony are staring at the dead body of a woman, and Ian says, "Sorry that someone strangled your mom, but at least you've still got your dad." However, Anthony tells Ian, "My mom is my dad!". The body is revealed to be a man wearing women's clothes. Ian and Anthony then comment on how that was the worst twist ending ever.


She also made an appearance in "FIRETRUCK!" when Anthony found out that his mom was his dad, who turned out to be a Man-Dog-Woman from Canada.

"Worst Proposals Ever

In "worst proposals ever" Anthony shows Ian old footage of his Dad's proposal, but it turns out that his mom is a man.

"Our Generation is F*cked: The Movie"

Anthony's stuff gone so he asks his mom what happened, but she doesn't remember technology.


Anthony's mother is quite nurturing and a bit over-protective of her son, whom she babies and cares for. She also loves to give him kisses, which Anthony is quite embarrassed by. It is revealed in Anthony's "Draw My Life" video that she had severe Agoraphobia.


Smosh character

Real life

  • She was only seen for a short moment in A Day in the Life of Smosh video on the IanH channel.
    • Anthony has however posted a picture of his parents before his birth on instagram, showing his mother on the right.
  • In "ILLUMINATI SECRETS IN OUR MAIL?!", she is mentioned with the fact that she likes fan art (of herself).
  • In the first Smosh Magazine, she talks about her dislike of Dixon Cider's offensive manor.
  • She gets panic attacks, and she can only stay at her house because it's the only place she's calm.
  • She appears in That Damn Yard Sale looking through the stuff at the neighbor's yard sale.


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