Larry Smelbutz is the cousin of Anthony Padilla who only made one appearance, appearing as the dead guy under Anthony and Ian's rug in We Found a Dead Guy! He is accidentally killed when Ian throws an energy drink at him, hitting his temple and killing him. His dead body is later found by Anthony, who hurriedly hides him under the rug. All in all, Anthony and Ian don't care about Larry's death and Anthony even calls him a dick.

He is played by regular supporting cast member Lee Eisenhower.


  • Larry is similar to Jerry from GAMER GETS TROLLED! because he was seen playing Xbox and insulted Ian in some way (Jerry yelling at Ian for "kindergarten bulls*it and Larry calling Ian dick breath). They're even cousins with Anthony.
  • Larry should not have been killed from being hit in the temple with a can of energy drink. It could've been possible he was only knocked out because he said, "ow", when Ian attacked the "bulge". This could mean that he died because Ian attacked him after he trips on him several times.
  • Since Anthony calls him a dick, this could mean that he is a rude person. He was shown rude in Ian's real flashback because he calls Ian f**ktard and dick breath while playing his video game.
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