LUNCHTIME W/ OUR DADS! is the 158th installment of the Smosh 2nd Channel series Lunchtime with Smosh, It was uploaded to both and YouTube on 9th June 2014 and (as the title suggests) featured guest appearances from both Stephan Andrew Hecox (Ian's father) and Dan Padilla (Anthony's father).

Video Description

It's Take Your Dad to Work Week, so we're taking our dads to LUNCH! Embarrassing stories, Mailtime packages, and they even answer Twitter questions!


  • This is the second appearance of Ian's dad in a Smosh video, the first was in a "Food Battle 2009" extra.
  • This is the third time that Anthony's real dad appears in a Smosh video, with "Toy Airplane" being the first one and "Meet The Daddy" from "WULAS" channel being the second one.
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