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LUNCHTIME SECRETS REVEALED is an episode of Lunchtime with Smosh released November 30, 2015.

Video description:

Lunchtime is back and this time we use the magic of technology to have our food delivered! Then we head to Twitter to answer some questions and we find out what is real... if anything! 


Anthony: Vegan smorgasbord of food with rice, beans, peppers, spinach and possibly squash

Ian: Chips with guacamole and a garnish of cilantro, a taco and an empanada.


Gracias Madre




Seated in the lunchroom at the "Smoffice", Ian whispers that him and Anthony are actually reptilian shape shifters and are doing videos to get the YouTube money so they can get back to their reptilian village. An open-mouthed Anthony silently agrees. The animation commences.


Ian and Anthony welcome the viewers to Lunchtime with Smosh. The duo has ordered food in and joke it is because they are lazy, but in reality it is because of Los Angeles traffic. They mention the new ways they now have to order food and Anthony jokes in deadpan tone that they will have a hologram deliver their food. Ian then notices they are both wearing gray shirts. After some discussion about the gray, the food then arrives.

Anthony films Ian crazily walking, akin to a monkey, to get his food. He pretends he is filming a nature show, changing his voice to a lower timber. Ian goes in the hallway to retrieve a large paper bag of food from the delivery person. Ian gives a short, crazy laugh and begins "jungle running" back to the office with the food, manically laughing, and Anthony follows him, still in character. Ian goes in the office and closes the door and Anthony feigns dramatic, demure despair. Ian then invites him in.


Anthony enthusiastically introduces his food:

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