The video thumbnail, featuring the Smosh Squad, from left to right: Noah Grossman, Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Shayne Topp and Keith Leak

LOOK AT THIS CRAZY BIG SNAKE! is an episode of Whoa! Nature Show. It was uploaded to the Smosh Pit channel on December 6, 2017. The animal was an anaconda.

Because the anaconda was so big, the remaining squad members joined Courtney and Olivia in the last two minutes of the video to hold up the animal.


We get to hold a GIANT anaconda! Green Anacondas can grow up to 15 feet, so it takes the whole squad to lift this bad boy up! Find out more about these awesome creatures on this Whoa! Nature Show!

Squad fan interaction and comments

Courtney was the only host to make a standalone comment:

"That snake is longer than my attention span"
It received over 550 likes. Courtney also replied a comment in response to the snake's size:

  • While Olivia did not comment on this episode, someone with her name in all lower case pretended to be her and responded to comments as her. It is highly unlikely it was Olivia, but because some YouTubers have other accounts, it is worth noting on the outside chance.
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