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The video thumbnail featuring squad member Courtney Miller

LIQUID SAND HOT TUB - FIELD TRIP (Squad Vlogs) is an episode of Smosh Pit's Squad Vlogs that was released on March 29, 2018.  This marks the last Squad Vlog/Field Trip of March and the last Smosh Pit upload, as well.  All of the Smosh Squad participates, sans Noah, but in his place is Nick Uhas. Jango is also in the video.


Jump on in! The sand is great! Thanks to Nick Uhas for being our resident science guy!

Fan interaction

Uhas commented:

"You guys were awesome, we finally did something that didn't catch on FIRE!!!!"

The comment received a "love" and pin from Smosh Pit and approxiately 1,400 likes from fans.

Video stills

*note*: Stills of the squad are best viewed as thumbnails due to the authenticity of the recording, atmospheric conditions and camera movement.