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LIE DETECTOR is a Smosh video released May 20, 2016.

Video description

A new superhero emerges... the Lie Detector! Can world peace be achieved?


A "normal" man (Ian Hecox) is walking on a sidewalk when he accidentally falls into a barrel of radioactive waste, receiving severe burns and is completely bandaged from the waist up. The man's doctor (Anthony Padilla) informs the man that the waste did not do much damage to his body and should be "back to normal" within a couple of days, to which his patient calls him out as a liar. The doctor, stunned as his patient could apparently could tell that he was lying, came to the conclusion that the radioactive waste gave him the power to tell if a person was lying or not, and prematurely set him free to "solve world peace" with his newfound "ability".

A man asks his girlfriend if something is wrong, which she denies. The Lie Detector rolls past on his wheelchair, saying "Liar!", causing the woman to admit that she had been holding a fart in for the past thirteen hours.

Two men are walking out of a building, and one of them tells the other to keep in touch, which the other promises to do. The Lie Detector rolls past, saying the same thing, causing the man who promised to keep in touch to admit that he had no intention of doing so, which the other man did as well, and the two part ways.

Donald Trump, in one of his presidential election speeches, promises to "make America great again", when the Lie Detector rolls past, saying "Liar" again. Trump admits that he was actually going to make America "hate" again, causing his audience to cheer.

A rapper is recording a new song with two female background dancers, and in one of his lyrics, the rapper claims to own a Lamborghini, driving it while eating linguine. After the Lie Detector rolled past, the rapper changes the line to him claiming to have eaten a can of tuna in his Chevy Lumina, but the Lie Detector rolls past again. The rapper admits in his next replacement line that he ate "corn on the cob while [his] mom [dropped him]] off", leaving his background dancers confused, one of them asking if he was serious.

The Lie Detector ends up in various newspapers, calling people out on their lies, such as a woman claiming someone's baby is "so cute", a man claiming that he never allows his ex-girlfriend to "play with [his] butt", another man claiming to do "whatever [he] can" to help the environment, and a third man claiming to have never tasted his own semen.

The Lie Detector and Doctor Buttus end up on the news channel Dope News Now. The news anchor asks the doctor to explain the Lie Detector, and the doctor explains how he found him. However, the Lie Detector calls this a lie, leading to the doctor asking if "Liar" is all the supposed Lie Detector can say, to which he responds with "Liar". The doctor tests this by stating that his small penis size, to which the Lie Detector states is a lie, causing the doctor to realize that the Lie Detector's supposed ability was false.

The episode ends with a man appearing on the screen, explaining to the audience that the entire "Lie Detector" scam was a plot devised by him to trick the doctor, his apparent ex-husband, into revealing his penis size, then promptly curses the doctor and walking off-screen.



  • The lyrics of the rapper's song misspelled "linguine" as "linguini", as well as misspelling Chevy "Lumina" as "Luma", however the last one may have been purposefully misspelled to rhyme with "tuna".
  • The doctor's name on Dope News Now is shown to be "Phillus D. Buttus", however, his ex-husband calls him Ken. This could have been a nickname, however.


(in order of appearance)

  • Ian Hecox as man 2, Donald Trump, man who claimed to help the environment, and Doctor Buttus's ex-husband
  • Anthony Padilla as Doctor Buttus, the boyfriend, man 1, a Trump supporter, the rapper, woman who claimed someone's baby is cute, and the man who denied tasting his own semen
  • Courtney Miller as the girlfriend, a Trump supporter, right background dancer
  • Olivia Sui as a Trump supporter and left background dancer
  • Keith Leak as an ex-boyfriend
  • Shayne Topp as Dope News Now news anchor
  • Unknown as Lie Detector


  • With the exception of The Daily Sun, all of the newspapers shown exist in real life, but of course their main page story about the Lie Detector do not.
    • The newspapers shown, in order of appearance, are the Los Angeles Times, The Sun, The Daily News, Park Cities People, and The Boston Globe.