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"I can't believe I'm the manager of my own IHOP slash drive-in but the only thing I play is Grease 2 eight times a day."

LEGO BURGER JOINT GETS DESTROYED is the 96th episode of the Smosh Pit series The Show w/ No Name!, released on December 25, 2018.  


Well it's another video out of the ol' Smosh Vault from a time before our Parent Company decided to implode and leave us homeless! In this episode, Courtney, Noah, and Olivia try their best to put together a Lego Burger Joint while answering fan questions from YOU! Enjoy!


Courtney, Noah, and Olivia are going to build the Lego set 41349 Drifting Diner from the Friends theme. As the video progresses, the three of them build the set piece by piece and Noah in particular mentions that it would be his first time completing construction of a Lego set.

After saying goodbye to the audience, Noah grasps a small Lego construct out of Courtney's hands and demolishes it, despite her protests. The rest of the video is a timelapse of Courtney building the set by herself before she happily displays the finished product.



  1. @andihaveissues: If you could combine two fictional worlds together to create a new world, what two worlds would you combine?
    Courtney would combine Guardians of the Galaxy with Jurassic World because she wants multiple Chris Pratts.
    Noah would combine Aladdin with Battlestar Galactica because it is the strangest combination he can come up with.
  2. @terisgril: what was one word that you commonly miss pronounced as a kid? I used to say Raviroli
    Courtney would mispronounce "syrup" as "syriup". One of her ex-boyfriends would say "incest" instead of "incense".
    Noah would say "expecially" instead of "especially".
    Olivia would say "expresso" instead of "espresso".
  3. @Cybrid_2002: If you could own 1 of the 6 Infinity Stones (Reality, Soul, Mind, Time, Space, or Power), which would it be, and what would you use its force for?
    Courtney always chooses the Time Stone so she would have more time to do things like sleep and do laundry.
    Noah doesn't know much about the Infinity Stones, but chooses time because of his fondness for Doctor Strange.


"What's a tech gadget you wish you were around for when it was popular?"

  1. @kinofuzen: The Kimmunicator
  2. @shygreenbeen: The jukebox
  3. @MostlyMiller: The Sony Walkman
  4. @shayneedles: The drawbridge




  • The title card titles this episode as "Lego Burger Joint".
  • A running theme throughout the video is Noah shoehorning in mentions of Amazon Prime memberships allowing ad-free viewings of Smosh content.
  • As with other uploads, the time this video was shot can be determined by Noah's hair color in the video.