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LAW AND ORDER: ZOMBIE COP DIVISION (ZCD) is a video released on Smosh's main channel.


In the criminal justice system, zombie attacks are considered especially heinous. The detectives who investigate these offenses are the elite squad known as the ZOMBIE COP DIVISION. These are their stories.

Video summary


Ian hums a humorous version of the Law and Order song, and the Shut! Up! is heard. The opening, which is the synopsis above, is stated along with a Zombie Cop Division opening. A knockoff of the two ominous sounds at the end of the show's title is then heard.

Bob's Taco Crack

33 East West Street

A crime scene is evident, with a bloody number 5 next to an overturned white disposable bowl with a leaf that is almost off-screen in the shot.


  • This was noted from YouTube, until the end of YouTube Red, as being a free YouTube Red episode.