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LASERCORN TAKES SMOSH GAMES TO COURT is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh & Order. It was released on March 31, 2018 and had the case title of Minecraft.


We take Lasercorn to trial to pay for the crimes he has committed in Maricraft! We've got a courtroom. We've got a very dope bailiff. We've got the world famous Judge Betty. This is Smosh & Order!


  • Judge: Noah ("Judge Betty")
  • Bailiff: Sohinki
  • Plaintiff: Mari
  • Plaintiff's Attorney: Jovenshire
  • Defendant: Lasercorn
  • Defendant's Attorney: Wes ("Jonathan Taylor Thomas")
  • Witnesses: Damien ("Fingerquotes 'Fingerquotes' Percy" and Kristina Nikolic "Tina Pousich"
  • Jury Members: Boze and Garrett Palm


Lasercorn was found guilty, but escaped from court before the verdict was announced, and Wes was quick to follow him out.


Fan Interaction

  • Smosh Games commented: 'None of this was scripted. Each person was assigned a random role and got to pick clothes from a giant rack then we flipped on the cameras and had a blast. Drop a like if you enjoyed this and we can do more!' It received over 5.7K likes.
  • Jovenshire commented: 'Hope you guys like our new show! What other cases should we take on? Make up the situation and well do it!!' It received over 1.3K likes.
  • Lasercorn commented: 'I was the best dressed in court' It received over 3.3K likes.
  • Damien commented twice:
    • His first comment said: 'Never forget that "professional snitch" is a real job. You can fancy up the title with things like "information broker," but we all know what it really is. Per se.' It received over 1.3K likes.
    • His second comment said: 'Also you guys, Boze came up with this concept and directed it. This is her baby. Show her some love for a job well done!!' It received over 3.2K likes.
  • Boze commented saying: 'Sohinki as bailiff gives me life' It received over 2.7K likes.