Kids on Bikes

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Kids on Bikes is a Smosh main channel video uploaded October 30, 2017. The video was sponsored by T-Mobile. It also peaked in the top twenty most trending YouTube videos in its first 24 hours.


Just a couple of kids in the '80s riding their bikes, hopefully nothing strange happens to them.


  • This video is a parody of Stranger Things and It.
  • The video was originally titled Kids on Bikes but for a brief time, the video was titled Kids on Bikes (Stranger Things & IT Parody) before being changed to Kids on Bikes again.
  • This video skipped that week's scheduled Every Blank Ever episode.
  • There were exactly thirteen obstacles that the kids on bikes had to face named in this video.
  • Courtney Miller referenced classic Smosh character, Max, to this video in the comments section.
  • This video got the views its previous video did in a week in two days.
  • This is the first Smosh video since 2012 to have its title not be in all upper cases followed by a video title not being in all upper cases.
  • This video was on Courtney's Top 5 Smosh Videos list in the 31st episode of SmoshCast.
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